Week 4 Update: #febulous (that’s a wrap!)

You guys! #febulous is done and dusted and despite having to use a Snapchat filter (I have three kids who can blame me?) I am all like THIS:

Officially loving myself sick. I did it! And you can tell I did it! I’m feeling proud of my efforts and determined to try and keep the momentum going…at least until we get to NY and I can start to undo all my efforts!

Let’s take a look at the last week and the 3 challenges I set myself.

1. Exercising every day

Out of everything this was the one area that I have really slipped. I just find it hard to find the time. A cliche I know, but truly, I struggle with it. If I don’t plan it into the morning it’s almost impossible to find the time after that. Rob is out 2 nights a week with RFS/sport stuff so it really has to get done first thing…and in between school ready and running around…it’s just HARD.

But I am still enjoying the moments when I do get out and have really enjoyed taking the pressure off some of the days and just enjoying a quiet dog walk. Those have been my favourites.

I know once Maggie gets a little older it will be easier to make the time for this stuff, seasons and all that so all in all I’m happy that my fitness has increased over the month and I can run further and faster than I did at the start. That’s something! And you know what? Over the month in total I moved 85.96kms! That’s not bad!!!

2. Not drinking

Now this was always going to be a challenge, but I did it! 28 days, no booze. A few social occasions where it was tough, but mostly I surprised myself at how easy it was. Much like it is when you get pregnant, you just get on with the fact you can’t and it becomes no big deal. I think without drinking there is definitely an increase for more creativity or better use of your time especially at night…the defaults to sit on your arse and scroll through social media whilst sipping on a wine is high. I get why that’s popular (life/kids etc) but it was great to have a reset on bad habits.

I enjoyed the 2 glasses of champers on Wednesday though!

3. Eating better & fasting

Again, proud of my efforts to consistently get 2 “fast” days in a week and stay off the beloved bread, eat more veggies and generally stay clear of bad habits formed over a prolonged festive period and school holidays.

I don’t have scales at home, but I do know that my clothes are looser, the guts are defo less bloated and more than anything I am feeling good about myself!

Feeling good about yourself is a great place to be!

And to celebrate the end of it all I managed to buy myself a little present for all the hard work. It’s entirely honkers, but then so am I. A good reminder about finding the magic around us and in us.

Who knew one month could do so much? And one main thing I realised is that you can make REAL changes, in a short amount of time. In just 2 weeks you can feel different. In a month, say you loose a kilo…then another kilo the next…in a year that would be 12 kilos. Small steps in the right direction can make a big change in the long run. Huh.

Hope you had a good month too if you joined in!
Thanks for all your lovely supportive comments on social media.
And let’s try and keep the momentum moving forward as we march through the months…


  1. You are looking happy and healthy!!! Well done!!!

  2. Good on you Beth – that’s awesome!

  3. Good on you! 🙂

  4. Kellbell says

    Congrats, hope you feel great!

  5. Maria Savage says

    You are such a great gal and an inspiration to us all, well done, love your work (Just a 70yr old following here, loving your quirkiness )

  6. YAY
    I love the unicorn, fab got for a mighty effort.

  7. well done hun!
    it’s great when it pays off!
    your unicorn is unique like you!
    much love m:)X

  8. Excellent! I don’t drink during the week any more and I’ve exercised daily for 60 days and I do feel better for it. It is so hard to find the time because of work. I try to get up at 5 am and do it then, or after 7.30 pm when my kid is in bed, but I reckon it’ll be harder as winter approaches. On the weekends it is 9 billion times easier because I’m not at the coalface and I can design my own schedule. Bliss. Keep up the good work.

  9. Big pat on the back Beth! Your will power is admirable, must tap into it…..
    I like your simple philosophy of taking it one day, month etc at a time. You look fit and fab by the way 🙂
    Liz XO

  10. Lauren Roney says

    Well done you, you always look fabulous but you def have a sparkle to you after some self kindness!!! I’ve loved following your month it’s inspired me a little too

  11. Well done staying off the booze for a month! And I hear you re life getting in the way of exercise. I had every excuse under the sun, until last weekend we were talking up Mr8’s upcoming swimming carnival. He said he wasn’t really keen on swimming, but he’d do his best (he ended up winning his heat); he wanted to focus on the school cross country race in term 2. Hubby suggested Mr8 train with me OH NO HE DIDN”T JUST THROW ME UNDER THE TRAIN. So we’ve just completed our first week of running together, using my favourite zombie running app. Mr6 even joined us this morning! I feel more with it already, and while the clothes aren’t appreciably looser, the scales are saying DOWN,GIRL.

    PS I like your reward!

  12. Well done you!! For me, the no drinking part didn’t work… weekdays fine, weekends however I just seem to lose motivation as soon as someone else was having a glass (of anything)! That said, there’s still 3 kilos less of me now than at the start off feb – will press on into march and hopefully can make it 6…

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