Today it’s the last Monday before Christmas. Can you believe that this time next week we will all be sitting around in a mess of paper and presents? How?! And I wonder what those presents will be…not even I know! Yes, I still have quite a bit of shopping to get done. Shit. When will I ever learn to get prepared?!

If you are organised and all have the presents sorted, but are still looking for some ideas for food I am here to help! I have ALL of the food, all the ideas for ALL OF THE THINGS. Here we go!


Campari Mojito
Christmas Prosecco cocktail
Rosemary and lemon vodka cocktail
Hendricks with cucumber, dill & lime
Rhubarb syrup cordial


Baked Camembert
Home made crisp bread (with hommus & chorizo crumb)
5 Vegetarian canapes
How to build a festive platter
Deconstructed pumpkin salad
Roasted vege shortcuts
Chilli tuna dip with dukkah


Salt & Pepper Squid
Salmon with cucumber & dill
Smoked Salmon Stacks
Mango & Prawn Salad


Quinoa Salad
How to make bread rolls
Two Festive sides
Make ahead gravy
Risoni Salad
Spring super salad
Potato salad with hot smoked salmon & dill
Lebanese Summer salad (fattoush)
Brussel sprouts
Thai chicken noodle salad
Butternut pumpkin, eggplant, rocket & quinoa salad
Charred marinated fennel
Roasted broccoli
Master class: Gravy, Red wine jus, stock & how to carve a chicken
Thai Style BBQ Chicken Salad


Pork Rib Roast in the Weber
Slow cooked lamb shoulder
Slow cooked pork shoulder
Pork Belly
Slow roasted lamb
Salmon en Croute
Whole salmon cooked in salt
Maggie Beer double marinated lamb
Thai chilli roast chicken
Standing pork roast
Moules Frites


Christmas fruit cake
Strawberry & lemon curd pavlova
Lemon Meringue Pie
Simple pavlova recipe
Lemon curd
Apple & caramel crumble
Sticky Date Pudding

I know right? A LOT OF ALL OF THE THINGS. If that doesn’t give you some inspiration, then I don’t know what will. I hope that we all make it through this week alive…if you STILL have kids at school, be strong, if you have them at home, be strong. I’ll see you on the other side.

And happy cooking to you all…may your pavs rise, your pork crackle, your prawns peel well and you enjoy every little morsel.

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