Baked Camembert

You know when you eat something and it’s THAT good that it’s all you can think about? And then you eat it AGAIN because you beg the person to make it again, because it was THAT good. And then you have to make it yourself because, well you know the rest.

This is it.


Something so simple, so easy and so tasty that it will be rolled here any time in the next 12 years (or thereabouts) that someone comes to my house for a drinks party or dinner party. Let’s not waste anymore time, there’s cheese to be eaten!

Baked Camembert

1 wheel of camembert cheese (if you have one in a little box you can keep it & bake it in that)
Few sprigs of rosemary & thyme (or just one or the other)
1 clove of garlic (thinly sliced)
Drizzle of honey (to serve)
Baking paper & string to wrap the cheese in


1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees. Thinly slice the garlic clove making sure they are not too thin as they need to be able to be wedged into the cheese (too thin and it’s too hard to get them in)


2. Place the cheese onto a good sized piece of baking paper that will be able to tie in the middle and cover the cheese. Cut some slices into the cheese (much like you would a piece of meat before roasting). Some camembert cheeses come in little wooden boxes, if yours does then bake it in that (removing any packaging obvs)


3. Place the garlic slices and sprigs of rosemary & thyme in the slits. You can have them separate or wedge them all in together

img_9058 img_9060 img_9065

4. Bring the pieces of baking paper up around the cheese and tie off with some string (like you would a pudding)

img_9069 img_9067

5. Place onto a baking tray and bake for 15-20 minutes (I went for 20 mins as it wasn’t soft enough after 15)


6. Serve on a platter or plate with some good quality crackers or a loaf of bread/baguette


7. Unwrap that parcel of goodness, drizzle over a little honey and just go for it. It won’t be pretty.

img_9079 img_9083 img_9088

Say it with me: CHEEEEEEEEEEESE! Herby, garlicky CHEESY cheese!


For me a soft cheese on a platter with some crackers is great but sometimes a little meh. This takes the ordinary and with minimal fuss turns it into something magical. There will be no quarters of cheese left over in your fridge for weeks after, the whole thing will get demolished. Every time.

Thank you cheese for being a thing.

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Have you sampled baked cheese before?
Sure, it’s not healthy but sweet baby CHEESES it’s a thing of beauty!


  1. Yummo! I’ve never done a herb and garlic camembert but i have baked one with a raisin/pear/walnut compote on top a few times. I’m adding this to my list of things to try.
    My brother and sister-in-law gave me a purpose-built ceramic camembert baker a few years back. They know me well!

  2. I saw this on your website the other day and I’ve bought all the ingredients to make it this weekend while we’re away in the snowy mountains! Even going to prep and wrap it tomorrow before I go so the garlic will be right through it by Saturday! YUM!!

  3. Quarters of cheese left over? That happens to people???? Never made a baked cheese though, but it appeals to me on a cellular level, so I think I’ll give this a go, immediately if not sooner.

  4. Hot damn sista!

  5. Yum one of my favorite things for guests! I usually end up eating the whole thing myself though. I haven’t made it in ages though. I wonder if I can have this when ‘duffed’. Should be okay because it’s cooked right?

  6. Lactose intolerant and in mourning. I would eat this shizz for EVERY meal.


  8. Perfect timing! I’ve got friends coming for dinner on Saturday. x

  9. SO GOOD!! Another delicious and easy recipe is baked Camembert in puff pastry. Its like a pie of cheesy goodness. You simply top the camembert with apricot jam and then wrap in puff pastry, bake till golden & serve warm. Its heaven.

  10. You’ve always a friend in cheese… words to live by!

  11. Oh my goodness, that’s enough, I’m having a detour from my dairy free diet.

  12. am so going to action this!!!!

  13. It’s amazing isn’t out! I used to make it as a salad starter when I worked in the French alps like a hundred years ago. Everyone always loved it. I should do it more now. Thanks for reminding me!


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