Monday meal ideas: Bring a plate!

Good morning friends! Oh there is a spring in my step this Monday morning (which is most unusual for this last week of the entire school year!). You see, I am heading away with my girlfriends for a few days of NOTHING. No kids. No school lunches. No anything other than chatting, swimming, eating and drinking for 2 days down the coast.

Oh yes, a spring in my step indeed as Maggie demanded GED UP GED UPPPPP at 5.10am. Rob can do that tomorrow.

Sure, the rest of the week is a swirl of madness, but I will think about that Wednesday. I know there’s lots of you too that will be at end of School functions, parties and gatherings and you will be asked to “Bring a plate!” Here are some options for you!

Baked Camembert
5 Vegetarian canapes
3 bruschetta styles
Zucchini chips

Can’t wait to share some of the fun over the next few days…then it’s onto full end of term madness with school discos, BBQ’s, School canteens and Rob going away camping Thursday-Sunday so doing it alone. Yes, these few days are really needed!

Hope you have a great week, dig deep friends, we are almost there!


  1. nice! thanks beth!
    have a great break before the onslaught hun!
    enjoy! love m:)X

  2. Enjoy the break Beth! Loves these ‘bring a plate’ options, good for Book Club too I reckon.

  3. Enjoy your time away!! We did the last week of term crazy last week (feels like forever ago – in a good way)! Gosh, enough with the ‘bring a plate’ already haha. I was SO exhausted for at least half the term. I hadn’t felt that tired since my kid was a newborn! I am pleased to say that only a week off and I am myself again! My tiredness is back to a normal zombie adult level haha.

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