Monday Meal ideas: Winter Warmers

The ice is thick on the cars and ground this morning, it’s winter (and for me) it feels SO good to be alive. The cold is invigorating don’t you think? The seasons never get old to me, I love all they have to offer in their own ways and right now it’s rugging up and staying warm. There was an icy wind blowing yesterday which I hope has cleared today for cold, crisp and clear skies. Perfect for a bloody never ending pile of washing that has appeared after taking ONE day off washing.

Here’s some recipes to keep you warm this week…whether it’s something slow cooked and bubbling, or filled with spice and herbs to awake the taste buds…they will warm you up!

Baked Camembert
Roasted Pumpkin soup
Fried dumplings
Slow cooked beef stew

Not a week goes by where I don’t get an email about that roasted pumpkin soup up there so make sure you do that one if nothing else!

What’s on the cards for you this week? We are into our final week of term 2 before heading into 2 weeks holidays. I can’t wait for a break in the routine…it seems like it’s been SUCH a long and busy term. If you can believe this, it’s 3 months today since we left for NYC. HOW? On the weekend we are heading to country Victoria for a few days and then to see my big sis in Melbourne. Love a good road trip (in my head without the reality of kids in the back). Have a good week friends x


  1. all of the above would work for me thanks beth!
    now I just need to get in the kitchen and do it!
    i’m being a bit lazy! … although I did check the garden and do a bit of foofing and dusting!
    i’m rugged up and looking for a new cover for my tablet!
    so time consuming all of this stuff!
    ok in the kitchen now, maybe some Fleetwood mac to sing and dance to too!
    keeps the blues away!
    lol m:)X

  2. Oh yes, I love the concept of a road trip MUCH more than the actual reality! But the problem isn’t my kids….. it’s me! I get bored too quickly lol

  3. Thanks for the meal ideas. I made the slow cooked beef stew. It was so yummy, there were barely any leftovers. 🙁

  4. Winner winner beef stew dinner!
    Thanks for this recipe, I used a full bodied Shiraz and lots of freshly cracked pepper as well.
    Question: do you think this one would be suitable to freeze?


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