We made it! And A Christmas Cocktail

Today is the last school day for the year…we made it. Year 2 and year 5 done and dusted. So many hours of Mathletics, meltdowns over twisted winter tights, nerves over spots carnivals, hours of recorder practice and many presentations and so many, many notes. We did it. We all did.

A school year is such a big combined effort from the whole family don’t you think? I think Rob and I are just as exhausted, actually Rob being P&C Preso I know he is more so than me!

It’s been HOT these past few days. So hot. There has been lots of time in the garden under the sprinkler. Lots of whinging. So much tiredness.

Yesterday we promised Daisy an end of year sleepover (on a school night nonetheless) with her year 6 friends who are all off to High School next year. Our girls, as you know, go to a small public school. There are under 30 kids in the entire school and this is the last year that all of Daisy’s friends head off to High School. Next year it’s just her and one other boy, and while I know they will be fine, I can’t help but feel sad for her that she’s the last big girl standing. Small schools teach so much to kids. About making do with what you have, playing up or down in years, being part of a family, rather than just a school. I know these big girls will do just fine in Highschool with all they have learnt at our school.

There were movies, and pizza and water fights and so much hair braiding…my word do girls love to do hair…

This morning I made them all pose for snap and I said a little speech and of course burst into tears. So many ends in sight, but with them new beginnings too. Fly high little ladies…I know how much they will grow in just a year and that Daisy is just behind them. High school. How did we get here already you guys?

To celebrate the end of the year I thought I better share a Christmas cocktail you might like to drink tonight to mark the end of the year…or at any Christmas celebrations you may be going to this weekend or on the big day. I don’t know about you, I could use a stiff drink!

We always have Campari in the cupboard (thanks to Rob thinking he is Don Draper in 1962 sipping on a negroni poolside) so what better for Christmas than to make something using that fabulous red colour?! This drink looks great AND tastes great and is the perfect Christmas twist on a traditional favourite summer cocktail.

Campari Mojito

1 part campari (I call that a generous swig)
3/4 lime cut into quarters
2 tablespoons brown sugar
Splash sparkling water

1. In a large tumbler or high top glass place the 3 quarters of lime and two teaspoons of brown sugar. Mix together well crushing the lime into the sugar (I used the end of a rolling pin)

2. Add a good handful of mint leaves, a splash of sparkling water and lightly mix all this together getting the sugar & limes mixed through from the bottom

3. Fill the glass with crushed ice (to crush the ice I just whacked some normal ice cubes into a plastic ziplock bag, covered with a tea towel and gave it a good bashing), then add the campari and gently stir all together. Garnish with a sprig of mint and enjoy!

[gmc_recipe 24336]

Bottoms up! Well done on making it through another school year, I hope you get to put your feet up a little in the next 6 weeks. May the gods bestow patience and understanding to you in the next month….stay sane my friends and if all else fails, drink hard liquor.

How was your school year?
Are you as exhausted as the kids?
Why didn’t the baby books ever mention partition puzzles?!


  1. Cocktails on our collective minds! Love this and will definitely be trotting out. x

  2. After the week that I’ve had this sounds amazing!

  3. I love the sound of this and will definitely give it a try – what I love more is your holiday motto ‘Stay sane friends and if all else fails drink hard liquor’! I am off to do just that despite telling my husband this morning that I’m done with partying already…famous last words!
    Happy end of term Beth and family, cheers! xx

  4. Oh Beth, congratulations on making it through the year. Honestly, I don’t know how you town Mum’s do it – so many things, here there and everywhere. Well done to you! Meanwhile my kids have been on holidays for oh – 3 weeks now!!! You are so right about small schools – where is it just normal for them to mix and be friends with kids of all ages/year levels – just like School of the Air. That cocktail looks perfect!!!! You had me at Mint. x

  5. That looks amazing but down here in Vic we’ve still got another week to go!!! Kids are so tired…

  6. At 32 weeks pregnant, I would kill for that mojito right now!
    The school year took a lot out of us over here too (and we only had the one kid to get back and forth)! I am having a ball with my Little Mister (6) on holidays now.
    Enjoy the festive season! x

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