How are you friends? What a time it's been! I have to say it's been a struggle for me...8 weeks into lockdown and home schooling. The holidays have been and gone and the mental rollercoaster on any given day, hour, minute has been REAL. I have been struggling to get the bare minimum done every day - … [Read more...]


It's been a few months since my last update on what I have been catching up on so thought I best do quick brain dump of it all. This going back to Feb, so bear with me as I trawl through the archives. As a side note, can you even believe that it's July next week? Me either. It's madness. Reading I … [Read more...]

What I’m reading, watching, listening to

My last catch up with all this stuff was in November last year and with the summer holidays in between I can tell you I have been consuming a LOT of stuff with books, TV and podcasts so thought I would share with you guys where I am at: Reading I had a run of reading mojo in the holidays and now … [Read more...]

What I’m reading, watching, listening to

It's been a long time between these posts so thought I better do a quick brain dump of all the things that I have been watching and reading and listening to. It's funny, the last few months I have completely lost my reading mojo and have been much more focused on watching trashy shows and listening … [Read more...]

20 novels for tweens who like history

You guys know how much I love to read, and it's been tough to see the love of reading my tween once have disappear now that she is a teenager. Technology gets in the way...and even though she might not be doing it right now, I know she will be back...I was too! That foundation from the early years … [Read more...]

What I’m reading, watching, listening to

I'm sure those of you in lockdown in VIC are well and truly up to date on reading and watching shows and after having the school holidays here I have a few bits and pieces to share with you about what I have been up to. Lots of reading and TV, a little podcasting and music in between. Let's do … [Read more...]

What I’m reading, watching, listening to

It's been a few months since I updated you guys on what I have been reading, watching and listening to - this past little while has been much more on reading rather than the other two: its funny how you switch between the different modes isn't it? I have been focusing on reading as much as possible … [Read more...]

What I’m reading, watching & listening to

It's been a while since I have done one of these friends, and I must say I have been reading with GUSTO since the start of the year. Something about hiding from the world, or just wanting to be off social media, the hot weather and being stuck indoors with no motivation to go outside with actual … [Read more...]

Round these parts

You guys! Apologies for not getting on here for like, a week, but things have been busy. And while there are no medals for the busiest, I have to say, Lucy and I have been right up there. I keep meaning to get on here all last week to do a post but just literally would run out of hours in the day. … [Read more...]

What I’m reading, watching & listening to

Just realised that it's been almost two months since my last all round debrief on what I have been consuming for the mind and soul through reading, watching and listening to. I love these posts as it gives me a place to accountable for actual content: rather than just scrolling through my phone and … [Read more...]

What I’m reading, watching & listening to

It's been a while between these posts so thought it would be time for a group chat on what we have all been listening to, watching and reading so that we can share the good stuff. A water cooler moment in out non existent offices if you will. I'll start shall I? Good one. I have been off my … [Read more...]

Holiday Reading Stack

We are almost there my friends...holidays are in sight and I am SO excited at the prospect of sitting and reading and doing NOTHING for at least a week. Besides my visions of early nights and sleep ins (compared with the reality of entirely not enough sleep and early mornings with kids) my all time … [Read more...]

16 Great new books for the School Holidays

It is SO good to finally be on holidays and while screens are the usual (and lazy) go-to for chill out time with my girls (actually all of us), I will inevitably beg them to turn them off and put their noses into a book. So hard to lead by example on that one given so much of my work is on the phone … [Read more...]

BabyMac Book Club: The Choke

Can you feel and see the holidays? We still have quite a bit of "stuff" to get through until we are there...lots of end of year school things, a whole lot of family stuff but then we will be there! There will be down time, time to indulge in all the things that we can never usually do throughout the … [Read more...]

30 Brilliant Books for Girls

For me the one thing that I buy first for Christmas EVERY year is books. I get a big online shop in, hide them when they arrive and smugly think I've done my shopping so don't do anything for the next 3 weeks. This happens EVERY year. So I am always looking for new books for my kids so was THRILLED … [Read more...]

What’s in your stack? And what’s next for us to read?

Well good afternoon friends! Hope your Monday morning is travelling OK? I am up to my eyeballs in life admin this morning...I've been going non stop and still feel like I haven't achieved much at all. I was making the bed this morning and realised how ridiculous my bedside table is looking. Check … [Read more...]

BabyMac Book Club: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine {The Discussion}

Oh Eleanor, you are so completely not fine, and yet are any of us at all? What a joy this book was to read! It has well and truly got me back into the swing of things with reading and has had me thinking about it long after I finished it. In fact, I think I'll be thinking a little about Eleanor for … [Read more...]

BabyMac Book Club: Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

In the hope of striking while the iron is HOT on this reading malarky I thought I would choose the next book again so we can get started on another round of the BabyMac Book Club. This will make it the third one for the year, we are picking up the pace and hopefully I'll be back with my reading mojo … [Read more...]

BabyMac Book Club: The Dry {The Discussion}

This book club reading just may well be starting to rub off on me...whilst I'm not getting through lots of books, I do know that I devoured this book in about 3 sittings on my recent holiday...it was the perfect page turner filled with great characters, setting and plot that had me guessing till the … [Read more...]

Outlander. AYE.

Before I headed away last week I loaded up my iPhone with some beauties from Netflix. Did you know you could do this? Download to a phone or tablet and then when you are offline you can access them. I was amazed at how little space they took up on the phone too. Technology huh? Pure gold for a long … [Read more...]