What I’m reading, watching, listening to

It’s been a long time between these posts so thought I better do a quick brain dump of all the things that I have been watching and reading and listening to. It’s funny, the last few months I have completely lost my reading mojo and have been much more focused on watching trashy shows and listening to podcasts rather than music when I am in the car and walking – so this is heavy on those two parts as opposed to anything very high brow. I need to change the book that I am reading too because it’s got me completely stuck in the one place with my reading and I can’t move on…so I need to pause that book and come back to it when I have a bit more time and headspace.


When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

This is a beautiful but sad read from a Neuro surgeon who is diagnosed with cancer. There are some profound insights into life and death, and it’s beautifully written. Highly recommend.

Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan

This is some light fluff from one of my fave authors for this kind of thing – kind of like a Jackie Collins type read that is light and fun and you can fly through. Loved this – kind of like fast food but for reading.

A lonely girl is a dangerous thing by Jessie Tu

This was like nothing I had read before and I really loved it – I’m still thinking about it months later. A full on (at times) story about a musically gifted girl. It’s full on, but worth reading for sure.

Grown ups by Marian Keyes

This one took me way longer than it should have (lost my mojo and then couldn’t remember who all the characters were) but it was a good story of a large extended family and all the complications of relationships that come with that.

Don’t forget that to check our my hashtag for all the books that I have read with reviews etc here.


Napoleon Dynamite (Apple TV). Gave the girls an education on this classic in the holidays and they loved it. Gosh it makes me laugh all these years later.

Goop Lab (Netflix). Someone recommended to me to watch the episode on psychics and being in touch with people that have crossed over and then I watched a few more after that – really interesting and at times full on watch but worth looking at. Episodes short so you can power through them.

Chefs Table BBQ (Netflix). Rob and I loved this series so much filled with great cooks and great female cooks too. Beautifully shot (as all in this series are) but cooking over fire is really something else in this series. Loved it.

Real Housewives of Potomac (Foxtel). My mate Qewy told me that I had to get into this franchise which I haven’t really done before now and so I binged one weekend until I was up to date and I have to say I am HOOKED. If you like these kinds of shows then give it a go.

Long Way Up (Apple Plus). Rob and I have watched and loved these series over the past 15 years or however long it was since the last one was made and we have been watching an episode of this each week. It’s been a slow burn with more interest on the electric bikes and how they will be charged rather than where they are the people they meet but we have really enjoyed it. It’s been interesting to have the eps spaced out and slow drip fed to us at a time where we are used to binging but it’s been great.

Trip to Greece (Foxtel). We have loved all the films and shows in this series and this one was no exception. These boys just make us both laugh so much. Loved this one.

Keeping up with the Kardashians (Foxtel). As this is the last series I decided to give this a go again and dear lord the excess is even too much for me. But I will watch this like I would shove a chocolate bar down my gob in the car at the petrol station – it seems like a good idea at the time but you always feel a little woozy afterwards.

Listening to

Finding Fred

After watching a Beautiful day in the Neighbourhood with Tom Hanks I was intrigued about Mr Rogers so was told about this podcast to listen to and I absolutely LOVED this. So interesting, such great conversations around empathy and kindness not just in regards to the show but how relevant and needed it is in 2020. Really recommend this one.

Dying for Sex

I listened to Mia Freedman’s podcast with co host Nicki Boyer which led me to this podcast and I can’t recommend this one highly enough. Beautiful story about friendship with the most amazing and profound insights into life and death I loved this so so much. Rob listened to it too and really loved it. Maybe it’s because we have been through a recent death but this punched us both hard in the heart. Loved it!

So that’s me, but as ever, I’d love to know hear from you….

What have you been reading?
Listening to?


  1. Thanks for the Dying for Sex podcast recommendation have started listening and loving it

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