BabyMac Book Club: Goodwood

Guys I am FOCUSED on becoming a better version of me by the end of this term. FOCUSED I tell you. I’m just talking about what I shovel in my mouth, or what exercise I am doing, I’m talking stuff for my head too. Doing things that make ME happy, things that sing to Beth the person, rather than Beth the Mum or wife or the million other versions of her that are very busy all of the time.

So last week when I had the chance to go to sit with a mate and listen to Author Holly Throsby speak at Centennial Vineyards well I was all like, Rob here’s Maggie for a few hours, you just have to deal with it. I had a shower! I did my hair! Put make up on! And an unexpected amount of clothing for some freezing bloody weather but it felt SO good.


The talk was great and I was pumped afterwards to get back into reading again. Because I love to read! I really do. It’s better for my brain, it’s better for my own writing, it’s better than mindlessly scrolling through my bloody phone night after night after NIGHT. So you know what’s back right?!

The BabyMac Book Club is what! Out of retirement from the start of 2015.


We chose a book (you can send me suggestions at any time so I will go to you guys with a short list and we can vote…or maybe I will just choose!). We have 6 weeks to read the book (I was going to make it a month but we all know that’s not going to work). Then we come on and have a chat about it, I’ll ask some questions and we can comment on here as well as on Facebook (I think it’s an easy platform for throwing around quick ideas/conversations) which we can do over a glass of wine on our couches. We can all pretend we are sitting around my fire if we close our eyes…


I have chosen Holly’s debut novel GOODWOOD. The word on the street at the talk was how wonderful it was…a great Australian read set in a small country town with a little mystery thrown in for good measure.

img_9371 img_9375

Goodwood is a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone. It’s a place where it’s impossible to keep a secret.

In 1992, when Jean Brown is seventeen, a terrible thing happens. Two terrible things. Rosie White, the coolest girl in town, vanishes overnight. One week later, Goodwood’s most popular resident, Bart McDonald, sets off on a fishing trip and never comes home.

People die in Goodwood, of course, but never like this. They don’t just disappear.


Buy the book (for real or on your e-reader device) and get reading! You can buy it from Booktopia here for just $20! There will be a post book wrap up virtual book club here on the blog on Monday 28th November. You can leave your comments on the post and we will aim to have a Facebook chat that night from 8pm (AEST) so pour your wine and get ready for a natter. Send me through any suggestions for books in the meantime and we can work out what the next one will be. I can’t promise Proust but I hope we can get through some good reads that will get us back into books instead of being lazy (like me) and spending all my time online at night.

Hope you can join in! Any questions, just let me know…oh and use the hashtag #babymacbookclub if you’re that way inclined. Let’s try and get our reading mojo’s back!

Happy Reading!


  1. I’m so in – need a good book club 🙂

  2. Great plan! After I saw your post about this last week, I was reminded that I had downloaded this. So now I have a good reason to start reading

    • Happy reading. I haven’t read on the Kindle for a while but I really loved doing it when I did – can do it easily in bed at night. Thanks for the reminder to get back into that.

  3. Must be a super popular book already. My library and neighbouring libraries all have a million holds placed on it already. WOW! Now I’m even more desperate to read it. I’m a lemming – someone else has the book, now I want it more

  4. Yay I am excited to join in with this because I am in EXACTLY the same predicament!! Small children, the lure of the Internet, asleep after half a page! I love to read and would devour books BC. Will get onto Goodwood ??

  5. oh I love this idea! I also want to read more instead of spending forever on the phone, consider me joined!

  6. I am there! I am in some desperate need of good reading material!

  7. That sounds great Beth! I would love to join!
    A series I’m REALLY enjoying at the moment is “The Seven Sisters” by Lucinda Riley. The third but is about to be released but you don’t have to have read the first two to enjoy them. Each book is based on a different sister. The books are huge and great for a holiday but they are the kind you just can’t stop reading.

  8. Fantastic idea Beth! Have been wanting to get back into reading and this is a good boost for me! You are a reading superstar!

  9. jealous, jealous, jealous of all book prices in Australia compared to New Zealand. Just bought a big pile to bring back home 2 weeks ago, but not this one. Bought the new Tim Winton one; new Graeme Simison; Charlotte Wood; new Hannah Kent and Kate Morton title ($112 in Oz; same books $183 in NZ!) Might go and buy this, as know a workmate who has talking about it.

  10. I’m in! Bought my copy last week ready to start today, as I’ve just finished Jewel Sea by another Aust country town writer, Kim Kelly. Would make an excellent book club book! Quite a quick read too.

  11. I’m in I too need to stop looking at my phone each night! This will give me motivation to get a book finished. I think I have about 4 started!

  12. Megan Fegan says

    Wonderful idea…. I love that you are doing stuff for yourself Beth. I am coming to learn too, that I am such a better person, mother, wife, and part time employee when I look after myself!

    I’m off to find the book…. see you on the 28th

  13. Renee Samoluk says

    I just might join! You’re right- we should all make the time to do the things that make is feel good x

  14. I’m in!!! Just what I need to kick start me back into reading and doing something just for me again.

  15. Would love to join. But it doesn’t look like you can buy this title in europe (i’m in germany) yet 🙁

    The next one hopefully!

  16. Count me in!

  17. Would love to join in. Have just started Burial Rites but haven’t been truly dedicated in my reading, so might have to swap to Goodwood so that I will be finished in time for the FB chat.

  18. I’m in!

  19. Im in!!! Currently into my second Liane Moriarty, great Auusie author, downloaded Goodwod last week after hearing Holly beoing interviewed on radio, what a coincidence! Highly recommend Liane’s books btw ?

  20. Just went to reserve a copy of Goodwood from my local library and there’s already 7 people ahead of me. I wondered how many of them are also joining the BabyMac Book Club.

  21. I might be being a plonker but I can’t seem to get this on Amazon/anywhere for ebook in the UK.

    It seems like a great book and I’m super keen for the idea for a book club – great plan stan.

    Thanks for organizing and I’ll try and source a copy somehow or other

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