What I’m reading, watching, listening to

It’s been a few months since I updated you guys on what I have been reading, watching and listening to – this past little while has been much more on reading rather than the other two: its funny how you switch between the different modes isn’t it? I have been focusing on reading as much as possible and trying my best to tune off the phone which is such a constant bad habit. The reading at night also helps me sleep better I think…trying my best to form good habits…if only I could be so dedicated with exercise…why is THAT so hard?


Since the girls have been back at school I have to say that the 45 mins before school pick up sitting on the verandah in the afternoon sunshine has been my favourite thing EVER. I make a cup of tea, leave my phone inside and take those 45 moons just for myself. It’s a gift I tell you! Almost better than a G&T at the end of the day. ALMOST!

I have actually read 5 books since the last of these posts brining my total for 15 for the year and I am excited that I am on track to make my 20 books in 2020. Who would have guessed what was ahead of us when I made that goal. What a shitshow of a year. Remember you can see all of the books I have read under the hashtag #babymacreads on Instagram.

American Dirt

There was a lot of controversy around this book that I only really read after I had read the book. Opens up some big conversations and ideas on who has the right to tell a story, in any case this read was an absolute cracker and had me picking it up every chance I had. It’s been a very long time since I have read a book as good as this one in terms of a page turner…so if you are looking for a book to completely get you hooked, this is it.

My Husband and I

I had a reader or follower on Instagram send me this one and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Great insights to the Royal family and marriage of Elizabeth & Philip – they are an extraordinary partnership. Loved this!

The River Home

I love Hannah Richell and have read a few of her books and this was a great tale, pretty depressing in the end but still an easy read. I didn’t enjoy as much as her others, but it was like watching a rom com type movie – easy to consume without too much trouble.

Lady in Waiting

Another Royal book which is weird given I have never read one before. My Mother in law lent me this one over the long weekend and I managed to knock it off in a week. The autobiography of Princess Margaret’s Lady in waiting it’s a fascinating insight into English High society aristocratic life as well as the Royal Family, and how Mustique was created, it’s just a great read. Loved it!


This is an absolute pearl of a book, giving insights and wisdom into finding joy and awe in the world when you might be feeling a little down. Really loved this, so much. Highly recommend!

I am already back into it and hoping to keep up the pace.


I am bereft I tell you, I finished the last episode of Schitts Creek yesterday where I howled with tears and laughter. This show is pure JOY. I abolsutely loved it and can’t believe I waited as long as I did to start to watch it. I do remember not being able to get into it, but persisted as so many people I know recommended it and I am glad I did. I started the first season at the start of Isolation and really tried to pace myself and ration out the episodes as I knew the end was nigh. Watch it is all I am saying! I will be going back to the beginning whenever I am feeling sad.

I have a long list of things to watch next as recommended by lots of you: Shameless, Cuckoo, Shistel, Shameless, Derry Girls (all on Netflix) as well as lots more. Gosh we are spoiled for choice!

Listening to

I must say my podcast listening has been down as it’s been back to work and the kids at school – but I did listen to Over my Dead body Season 1 (which has a new season that has just been released yesterday I think). A great listen and true crime podcast which is not usually my thing – but I enjoyed it.

Rob got me onto this piece of music that I had never heard before but it’s absolutely stunning. If you have a spare 16 mins to listen to this, you must. This video has a Gallipoli slant to it, but of you search for the piece on your streaming channel you’ll find it.

And if you are looking for a banger of a tune…then turn this up to 11 and just go for it. Dear lord I whack this on when I am running and I actually dance run…a cracker!

That’s enough about me…now tell me everything!

What have you been reading?
Listening to?


  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve only just started Schitt’s Creek, not sure why it took me so long either but really enjoying it! I’m not into classical music but the Lark Ascending is my favourite piece of music EVER. Definitely for the funeral play list 😁 you probably have heard it before, it’s the soundtrack for the Year My Voice Broke which you have surely seen?! I watched the first episode of Little Fires Everywhere and the Long Shot (movie) on the weekend and enjoyed both 🙂

  2. I saw Americans Dirt at the shops recently, might have to grab it!

    I’ve been loving Louis Theroux’s new podcast. He’s interviewed Boy George, Helena Bonham Carter, Rose McGowan and Miriam Margolyes.

  3. Absolutely loved Shrill on SBS on Demand, episodes are only about 20 minutes long so easy to watch when you’ve had a long day but want bite sized escapism. I am currently reading The Last Voyage of Mrs Henry Parker for book group. An easy read that I’m really enjoying. Hope to read Phosperence next so good to hear you have enjoyed it.

  4. Given the moment we’re in, here’s my recommendations for what’s next 🙂

    Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo
    Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race by Reni Eddo Lodge (plus the accompanying podcast, About Race)
    White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo
    Debutante the podcast by Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell
    Growing Up Aboriginal In Australia- book

  5. Just started watching Yellowstone on stan and recently finished Mystery Road on abc iview- both good ones to watch with hubby. I also really loved Little Fires Everywhere with Reece Witherspoon & Kerry Washington! Reading Fool Me Once by Karly Lane and listening to Rabbit Hole podcast

  6. I am totally obsessed with Shtisel – we’re nearly at the end of season 2 and I think I’m going to feel quite bereft when I have to say goodbye to the characters. We also just finished season 5 of Queer Eye – it’s the perfect antidote to what’s going on in the world right now. If you liked Over My Dead Body, you must try Dr Death, you really couldn’t make that stuff up! I haven’t read as nearly as much as I’d like but just finished Boy Swallows Universe and recently read Marian Keyes’ Grown Ups – such a riot of a read!

  7. I’ve just finished reading The Chain by Adrian McKinty – it’s a thriller, well supposed to be anyway. Let’s just say the writing was not my style and I just couldn’t take it seriously. But I’d committed and finished it. Needless to say I wouldn’t recommend. I’ve just picked up The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond and I’m hooked!
    I’m so glad you’ve recommended Lady in Waiting, I pick it up so often at the book shop and now must purchase.
    I’ve just finished watching Dynasty – please don’t judge, I work in Finance full time and have three children, this show is my ME time. I’m also watching Schitts Creek, upto season 2 and also 13 Reasons Why. The Great (Stan) is also on my ‘to be watched’ list.
    I obsessively listen to Emsolation – Em Rusciano podcast every Tuesday and Thursday and love Wilosohy with Wil Anderson – he’s smart and funny and interviews amazing humans, talking about life, the world and how we see it.

    • You sound like me…once I start I book I have to finish it even if I hate it! Thanks for sharing all these recommendations x

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed Phosphorescence too and its such a stunning book to look at!! I felt I lost my reading mojo during isolation but am finding it again. Just an ordinary family by Fiona Lowe helped, an easy read with lots of interesting topics that kept me reading way past bed time. I am currently reading The authenticity project by Clare Pooley and loving it, every spare minute I have I pick it up 🙂 Have just started reading tomorrow when the war began with my 13.5 year old daughter – hope she loves it as much as I remember loving it! We are all on the Master Chef bandwagon at the moment in our house!!!

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