The Throne Rangers: A podcast for Royal enthusiasts {ep 2}

It’s already been 2 weeks since our last episode of our new podcast The Throne Rangers and we are back with episode 2 for you today!

There is SO much to cover off in this fortnight’s ep…Cakes! Hats! Fashion wins and EXTREME misses! Trips down memory lane! We have the lot.

For all of the notes of the episode head over to Stacey’s blog for the full rundown and image update!

You can listen here:

Or download through any of your normal podcast channels like iTunes. We hope you enjoy this episode and will see you back after Easter for the next fortnight’s update on the Royal Fam as we edge ever closer to the BIG DAY!

Enjoy x


  1. Loving Throne Rangers! Building momentum with every ep! Thx girls……listening while ironing makes ironing almost doable!

  2. Loving your work, girls! Can’t wait for the next Ep. Learning a bit and having a laugh along the way. Have planned a girly catch up at mine to watch the wedding… might catch you on tv Beth! 😄😘

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