Over the Back Fence {Episode 9}

In the second last episode of the first season of Over The Back Fence, Neighbour and I talk gin, neck swallowing TV, sweaty mushroom pasta and being Bert & Patty Newton of the Village.

If this isn’t showing up in itunes right away it should be there in the next few hours…Apologies!

  Over The Back Fence (mp3)


  1. LOVE these. Just LOVE them. Wish you were my neighbours!

  2. The funniest thing happened to me whilst listening to your podcast this morning…I had turned up the speakers in my office as I was down the hallway cleaning out one of the bedrooms. The phone rang and it was a phone call from the nurse at my son’s school (he’s at boarding school) letting me know that he had to go for an x-ray of his arm. Just at the moment when she was telling me how he got to hurt his arm, the podcast decided to “get stuck” on the first syllable of the word you were saying at the time – country. I couldn’t get to my office fast enough and then I couldn’t shut down the podcast so all you could hear VERY LOUDLY was you repeating the first syllable of country, over and over. I finally managed to turn off the speakers but not before my caller would have thought that somehwere in my house, someone had an incredible case of tourettes. Love the podcast, very clever ladies.

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