Miscellaneous 13

You guys! I have been SO busy getting BEVERLEY done over the past 3 weeks, but I am here to tell you that she is almost done! And looking pretty bloody schweet if I don’t mind saying so myself! All things going to plan I hope she is available for you all to download to your iPads next week. Watch this space! It’s quite the business, the whole producing a quarterly magazine thing. It’s much harder work than I ever thought it would be, and sometimes in between the family, and the blog, and working on other stuff, well, yes, it’s hard work. I’m so proud of it though…it’s like another child of ours. I hope you’ll all like it too…I know you will. For just $4.49 I reckon it’s a pretty good buy too…just like a take away coffee…or shitty app you buy for your kids when you are in a cafe and want 3 minutes silence, but better! Because there’s stuff in there for you! Sold yet? Yay! And if you can’t wait until next week there are two previous issues you could download this weekend if you wanted – just download the app for free and buy the issues in the store within the app. Here’s the link!


And here is a sneak peek into one of the short films that Rob made that’s in the upcoming issue. A little taste, if you will, of what’s in BEVERLEY. Like I said, SCHWEET!

You know my thoughts on hot cushions right? Well the clever lasses over at Gallop Lifestyle alerted me to these bad boys this week. How hot are those zips? I am a fan. You can get them from Billy Heckenberg’s online shop here. You can never have too many cushions. Especially hot ones, right?

billy heckenberg1

Harps got her hair cut this week and all of a sudden she looks like she is 7 years old. It just won’t do. Sometimes I wish she would never grow up, and other times, like on some of the days this week when her behaviour has been SO revolting, I wish she would grow up and be a little more, well, nice. Kids are funny creatures. So are adults. I am MOST definitely funny. In the head.

I am in full ball preparation mode now that BEVERLEY has been put to bed. Somehow I ended up organising this big event, in amongst everything else, how did THAT happen? It’s a case of the yeses….Anyway! I need to find a frock to wear, and because you guys know so much stuff, I thought that I’d ask you. WHERE DO I GET A HOT DRESS ONLINE? Any suggestions or ideas for somewhere online seeing as options down here are a little limited? Nikki even suggested that I should hire a frock. Who knew that they even existed? I didn’t!

My current list of things I worry about in the middle of the night looks like this:

  • Getting girls to the dentist
  • Getting me to the dentist
  • Getting to skin cancer clinic
  • Getting a pap smear booked in
  • Getting the girls enrolled into highschool (YES I’M CRACKERS)
  • Getting car serviced
  • Making sure we make some money from this fundraising ball
  • The next issue of BEVERLEY

I am going to tackle some of these next week. I just am, you watch me.

It’s Neighbour’s Birthday today. She’s turning 38. Actually, I made that up completely, she is much older than that. Wish her well won’t you? She’s a good bird. And yes, we are getting our skates back on for Over the Back Fence. It got pushed to the bottom of the to do list and that is NO place for such greatness. Have you listened before? Here’s the link to iTunes. Hop to it!

Over The Back Fence (mp3)

What’s your plans for the weekend?
Know anywhere I can buy a ball frock online?
What’s on your middle of the night keep you awake list?
How old do you reckon Neighbour is?
How’s the content coming out of BabyMac enterprises?!! It’s iTunes a go-go!


  1. Skin cancer clinic? :S I hope it’s nothing major!

  2. http://www.nextdirect.com/au/en I love this site, not sure how posh your frock has to be though…

  3. Sarah-Jane says

    Light in the box.com is pretty good I believe.

  4. Can you please ask me some more questions?

    • I know! Thank GOD we don’t live in Sydney anymore. I remember one of the fancy private Schools had Daisy’s year filled when she was 3 months old. And I’m not even kidding. The world has gone mad.

      One more for you Ruthie…how is it that you are so awesome?

  5. Leighrex says

    http://www.modcloth.com – no need to go elsewhere – you are SO fucking welcome xo

  6. Maryandlil says

    Take a breath NOW lol x

  7. Wow – you are amazing! It makes me tired just reading your blogs. Have a great weekend we have nothing planned which is tops.

    My middle of the night list at the moment – is hoping we made the right move (a sea change) and hoping that the kids are OK – 2nd new school in a year, mean kids at new school, new state, new job, new friends.
    Have a great weekend and thanks for your writing it makes me happy every day.

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I do remember a place you can hire dresses from I just can’t remember the name,I am so sorry but tis a good idea,especially if you are not going to wear it very much if I remember the name I will let you know.I had my vault smear done,no uterus so that is what it is called ,I have a vault yay! No stop being silly Lisa.I have to get my eyes checked ,have a mammogram and go to the dentist as well all fun things to do.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend and yes your little Harper looks so grown up now with her sweet bob,I know she is not sweet all the time I had a daughter like that(total bitch ) she was but she grew up nice thank goodness it just takes them a while!

  9. Emma Steendam says

    I don’t know if either ship to Australia but I’ve been ogling and doing the ‘oh-if-i-had-my-wedding-again-my-bridesmaids-would-wear’ thing with dresses from BHLD and Lovely dress shop in NYC. Get to it. I am ipadless, therefore Beverleyless, and all the poorer for it I think πŸ™

  10. joolzmac1 says

    1. Pick up the phone and make those dentist appointments.

    2. Pick up the phone and make that pap smear appointment. Do you have a community health centre? They probably do free smears and breast checks (usually performed by retired nurses). Three minutes of your life out of the way for another 2 years!

    3. Pick up the phone and book your car in for that service. Take a latte and magazine with you, sit in their waiting room and chill for an hour. File and paint your nails.

    There you go, three things off the list, not worth losing sleep over. You are welcome! πŸ™‚

  11. Annie Bowen says

    Beth, I am sooooo behind in my blog reading. Thanks for the mention in your post, glad you like those cushions also! Great taste lady. Annie x

  12. Thanks for the information!

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