Over the Back Fence {Season 4 ep 1}



After way too long a break Neighbour and I are back with the first episode of season 4! Warning that this one comes with talk of Santa so don’t listen to it with little ears about. We also discuss keeping kids entertained in the holidays, pastrami sambos and the unrelenting quest to get fit.

You can listen to it here:

Or through iTunes here:


We promise to be back with a new episode each fortnight too! Thanks for your patience…enjoy x


  1. Margaret Elvis says

    You both have so much to talk about and it is all very interesting.

  2. This is my first experience with Over the back fence – this is hilarious.
    Listened with headphones as I have two believers.
    Laughed out loud so much my kids told me to be quiet.
    8 more sleeps for me till school is back.
    Thanks – this made my day. Will have to go and find the other episodes.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! We have 3 seasons worth for you to go back and listen to – we love to do them it’s just been too long since we were focused!

  3. Nerida Child Dimasi says

    This is my first introduction to Over the Back Fence – Hilarious – “Sneaky beer in Briars” whilst out on the bike path – if this had occurred to me, I probably would have ventured along there more often! Also “Choc Wedge” – haven’t thought of those in years.

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