Over the Back Fence {S3 Episode 2}

In this fortnight’s episode Neighbour and I talk grey beard hairs, bottled water, lasagne, Oz The Great and things the Poms hate about Australia. You can listen here:
Or download through iTunes here:

Over The Back Fence (mp3)



  1. Unfortunately Beth as I am a wee bit hard of hearing I didn’t catch all that was said but I found the episode very interesting as a whole.
    Grey in beards? Fortunately I don’t have one so now problem there.
    Bottled water? I’ve never used it and never will as I feel the public has been conned into buying a very expensive item which may or may not be better (and safer) than tap water.
    Lasange? I’ve never made one and only tasted it once. Not my favourite dish at all.
    As for Oz the great….are we?
    I didn’t realise that Poms dislike things about Aussies except perhaps if we happen to beat them in Test matches.

  2. oh thank god – I have a 1 hour and 45 minute drive to Uni tomorrow (sydney peak hour KILLS ME ) so at least 33 mins of that will now be pleasant

  3. Can’t wait to listen on the treadmill tomorrow, thanks Beth and Neighbour 🙂

  4. Coconut Magic, Beth…. THE purest and THE best!!

  5. Had to laugh I am a Big user of Les Mis soundtrack!! n fact Beth I thought of you today as I ran with it in my ear- yep, it’s great RUNNING music!!!

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