Under the Dining room table

Over the weekend when Mrs Woog was staying I decided to whack her into the hot seat out in Phil Collins for a natter for a one off popdcast. It’s not quite Over the Back Fence – more like sitting listening to us talk and talk and talk some more. Interesting? Perhaps not. We thought so! Enjoy.


  1. Too funny!!! classic stuff. Jx

  2. Ladies – there are some seriously great tips on blogging here. THANK YOU!!! Jx

  3. I listened while I mopped. Was a great podcast ladies, I really hope to hear more on Mrs Woogs country holidays.
    The tip about the sheets in the pillow case almost made me fall over. Brilliant, my linen closet is a disgrace. On to it.

  4. Haha!!

  5. I am just wondering if any of your lovely readers could possibly tell me how I could download/subscribe to this (and the Over the Fence series) so that I can listen to it on my Android phone? Be nice to me….I’m technologically challenged! Thanks Anna

  6. Good work ladies. Just wanted to add, we flew Emirates Business over here and there was no PJ wearing, I’m so disappointed. I really wanted to drink Moet in my PJs on a plane. xx

  7. I enjoyed this.

    I feel sad about the lack of laundry. Can you build one?

    And the no ironing. But we’ve already talked about that.

    Officeworks is the Bomb. And they always have superior parking options. My local one is wedged between a brewery and MacDonalds. Some thing for everyone really.

  8. Looks cosy. Giulia x

  9. I loved listening to you two chat!

    As for selling bits of yourself, where I went to college in the States there were always ads in the college newspaper offering 30,000 for eggs…like ovary eggs.
    I am pretty sure I could charge double that now since I have proof in Toddler C that I have superior eggs!

    And, also in college, I enrolled in a pap smear study…I can’t remember what they were researching but they paid you 100 if you got three pap smears over the course of one year. I of course enrolled, spent the 100 before I actually had it and then opted out of the study.
    I spent the 100 on a pair of pants that were forever known as the pap smear pants!

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