Over The Back Fence {Episode 2}

Well what do we have here?

It’s Episode 2 of “Over the Back Fence” that’s what! You can listen to it here on the link below, or you can download it through iTunes so you can listen to it on the go. I can only apologise now for my singing…Hope you enjoy it!

  Over The Back Fence (mp3)


  1. does you neighbour have a name, or is she wanting to remain incognito?

    my biggest peg/washing thing that ANNOYS ME TO NO END is when I do washing at my mums (which granted, is very rare these days) she leaves the pegs on the line, whereas I take them off and place them in a basket. Thoughts?

    • Oh Deb this is something to raise indeed – I believe that neighbour and I do things differently here. I am ALL for the removal of the pegs and I believe she might leave them on the line. I’ll check though…I have quite strong views on this…thanks!

      Oh and yes, she is incognito. Far more mysterious than if I gave you her name which is actually quite boring.

  2. kelwoodford says

    Love these Beth. In regards to the peg ‘issue’ my pegs are all the same colour, quicker hanging the washing out but there is a colour co-ordination issue with the clothes.

  3. Definitely on the toilet seat down, worried about the poo particles, bandwagon. Better yet to have a seperate loo.

    My scientist brother says if you can smell it, particles of the item at issue are in your nose. Horrifying when you think about it! Ewwww!

    Enjoyed your neighbourly chat.

  4. Love it.I remember doing Home Economics at high school and being taught how to hang washing on the line.T-shirts were hung upside down.Taylor was helping me hang the washing out the other day and he wandered why my pegs were not colour co-ordinated.
    And my tooth brush has a cover on it to prevent ‘poo particles’landing on it.Krinny

  5. That was great, just like listening to a conversation with my friends. Who doesn’t want to talk poo particles, pegs and slapping Delta across her beautiful face if she poses one more time. I’m also addicted to the Voice and have a crush on Keith and Seal is seeexxxxy!

  6. I love listening to you chat away with things that make me think. In regards to pegs my pegs have to be the same colour otherwise I don’t want to know about it. My mum has always told me to hang my t-shirts from underneath the arms never upside down because the bottom with stretch (i will have to question her)

  7. Another great ep, loving this series!

    For the record… my toothbrush is NOT in my bathroom. It’s in my laundry. THIS is something I’d love to hear talked about: strange things you do to avoid waking the kids. My bathroom is right next door to my daughter’s room and ever since we had her we have brushed our teeth in the laundry to avoid disturbing her. She was a crazy shitty sleeper as a very young baby and we were scarred by it.

    Another crazy thing we do? Leave the exhaust fan on in the kitchen to muffle the household noises while she sleeps. Logically I *know* that the exhaust fan doesn’t muffle the sound of dish washing… but I can.not.turn.it.off.

    Parenting confessions, right here!

  8. I could happily listen to you read the phone book Beth
    There is something so lovely about listening to you and your neighbour chat about stuff, am loving this whole back fence chat thing!

  9. Fark I love your blog

  10. Great love listening to this podcast. A for the pegs thing I’m not a colour person I’m a small pegs go with the smaller clothes and the big pegs go with the big clothes. If there’s not enough pegs ill throw the clothes in the dryer. I also have to hang the undies on one row and socks in one row not mixing for some reason. So I will have a row of undies and then a row of socks then row of undies etc. Yeah weird. I hated when my mum used to do my washing cause she wouldn’t do it my way.
    AS for the voice. Eh I inly watched like 2 mins of it yesterday. I’m not that into those type of shows. as for who I like I don’t mind the Maden boys. Love me a good bad boy.

  11. Georgina Clark says

    Oh thank god – someone else is onboard with the poo particles! A few years ago I was listening to Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and he was saying that when a guy stands to pee and when you flush with the lid open wee and poo particles can travel UP TO 2 METERS! So, we have toothbrushes in drawers and toilet seat down thank you!

  12. Status: officially intimidated.

  13. loving this pod cast – although it is getting kinda difficult to explain the laughing at my desk when i really should be reading the AER’s perspective on energy market developments…i know right, BORING!

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