Over the Back Fence {Season 3 Ep 5}


After a inappropriately long break, Neighbour and I are BACK discussing the big issues as ever! This week we talk about the local ball, canapes, hipster baby names and ponder whatever happened to the good old encyclopedia.

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  1. Can I please get Neighbour’s autograph this weekend?! PS. Have only watched one eps of Game of Thrones and so need to catch up to K who’s seen the lot!

  2. mary_j_j says

    kids,nationalgeographic.com – worth a look for kid friendly web research.

  3. Nikki is totally right! I need Neighbour’s autograph too. Game of Thrones is crazy, crazy good and I’m truly happy now the new season of True Blood started last night.

  4. Denica Gorman says

    Incidental learning online is sooo a thing! Have you never been wikipediaing something useful that you need to know, for instance ‘France’ and then it’s 3 hours past your bed time and you’re reading about ‘thermal conducitivity’ because you clicked ALL the blue words? Maybe that’s just me.

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