Outlander. AYE.

Before I headed away last week I loaded up my iPhone with some beauties from Netflix. Did you know you could do this? Download to a phone or tablet and then when you are offline you can access them. I was amazed at how little space they took up on the phone too. Technology huh? Pure gold for a long haul flight with no on board entertainment – I downloaded the entire first season of Outlander, and I was good to go.

Oh yes I was.

Now I read this book a few years ago. Recommended by someone, it was a perfect holiday read….a rollicking adventure with plenty of bodice ripping and that sigh inducing love that you recall you thought all true love was like when you were a teenager and before you were 40 and had 3 kids. Sigh indeed.

So I knew what I was getting myself in for (although I don’t really think that I ever finished it because I got home and life got in the way) but once I got stuck into it, and swept up in it all, it really got me thinking…

Is the popularity of this show based on the fact that it’s pretty much porn for chicks?

Once I got through the first few episodes and I tried to ignore the annoying narrating from Clare and her screeching at this or that we got down to business. Jamie. Shit hey?

I told Dave who was sitting next to me to try not to look over as he might get more than he bargained for and there were defo times when I hoped that no one would look over but whoa nelly are there some parts of that show that get the blood pumping. Especially for a Macdonald lass like me! I must say that the last few episodes were FULL ON. Like I had to fast forward because it was too full on with the violence and general ickiness of Captain Randall, but all in all it was great show. I’m ready to get stuck into Season 2 which I watched the start of last night before tapping into season 3 which I think comes out next week.

I had heard so many women swoon over Jamie and the show and after watching some of those middle episodes I can see just why chicks look at you with a look that says “WATCH THIS SHOW AND LET MARRIED SEX LIFE FIRE UP!”. And they have a point! I think had I watched this with Rob there could defo have been some “one moment caller moments” as I pressed the pause button and jumped his (distant family tree Scottish bones).

There’s lots of shows that help us escape our daily grind, pardon the pun, and the ones that females tend to love often have a hot male lead. It’s a tale as old as time, a new variation of the old Mills & Boon perhaps.

What say you guys?

If you are a fan of Outlander, is it the picturesque Highland scenery that you come back for?
The history of the time?
Or the roll in the heather with Jamie & Clare?

In any case, I’d say there are smiling people all over the place thanks to this little gem, and that’s alright by me.

Who is your TV crush?


  1. I am totally invested! I have been reading this series for 20 years! (Gulp….am I really old enough to have read a series for that long?) My first born is named from the series and they are books I will return to time and again to re read. It is like catching up with an old friend

  2. Yes. YES! Never has a series evoked such a need to- pull out the family history books/dust off the hubby’s wedding kilt/hop on to look up flights to the Scottish Highlands for a family of 5/google Jamie Fraser on the sly.
    Speed bonnie season 3!!
    Bloody marvellous.

  3. Can we have a little lesson on how to download from Netflix to another device please

  4. Cath Haldane says

    Oh aye- speed bonnie season 3!

  5. Hubs and I watched the first season together. But we were done after season 1. The end and the horrible intimacy between Jamie and Randall was just a bit too much.

  6. 100% invested in Outlander. Everyone was telling me to watch it and I don’t have Netflix and I’d missed the first season on SBS but a kind friend hooked me up with the whole first season and I binge watched. Extremely hard to watch the last couple of episodes, gee Tobias Menzies is a fantastic actor. I’m now watching season 2 and loving the change of scenery and the exquisite costumes. I’ve got the books but yet to read them.

  7. Completely love it! Its Scotland, its the love story, its the escapism, its everything!!!!!Read uo to book 5 and love the books but the show is a complete feast for the eyes!!! Canna wait lassie till next week!

  8. I’ve read the first book & watched part of season 1 but then lost interest. But Jamie gets a big YES from me!
    A series I loved for sexiness was Californication, which is weird because when David Duchovny was in X Files I didn’t look twice but as the royally messed up, so damn wrong but so damn right Hank Moody I bloody loved him!!! Also, I cannot recommend Vikings enough! Yes the storyline is interesting but let’s face it King Ragnar ( aka Travis Fimmel) is worth every gory fight scene. That man is sex on legs!!!

  9. I agree with everything you just said. Watched the first series then thought I should read the book and I’m now up to book 4. It’s pure escapism, and yes, that highland scenery certainly helps!
    Lately we’ve been watching The Handmaid’s Tale. I read the book in my 20’s and was keen to see what they’ve done with it. It is stunning, terrifying, beautifully shot and so cleverly pieced together. Get into it, you’ll feel all the feels. And there’s a Nick.

  10. I read the first four books years ago and loved them. Sometimes the books are hard going at the end of a day. Watching the Series on TV is so easy on the eye. ? I’m going to revisit the books on audible.

  11. Oh boy, I’m in – I *think*
    Am nearing the end of S1 but I’m too scared to watch the last couple of episodes because I cracked and read ahead in the EW recaps (don’t judge me! Can’t handle suspense!!) …now I know what’s going to happen and I just don’t think I can watch.

    So what to do? Skip straight to season 2? Hmmm. Willing to carry on because Jamie is unexpectedly one of THE hottest guys on TV…let’s just say I never knew my Graham Scottish roots were so, er, sexy?
    Oh LORDY. ????

  12. Poldark which has recently aired on ABC is good too. Never has a tricorn hat looked so good.

  13. Sounds like a 5 star review. I’ll have what you’re having!

  14. Linda Jenkins says

    I’m a huge fan and have read all the books multiple times so was so excited to see them come to life on TV. I even met Diana Gabaldon at an event in Melbourne at the Windsor many years ago – took a sickie from work and had one of my books signed !

  15. Like you, I found the last couple of episodes just “ick” … so much so it put me off entirely and we haven’t watched series 2 🙁

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