It’s been a few months since my last update on what I have been catching up on so thought I best do quick brain dump of it all. This going back to Feb, so bear with me as I trawl through the archives. As a side note, can you even believe that it’s July next week? Me either. It’s madness.


I completely lost my reading mojo for many months (from the school holidays well into about week 8 of this term) so there’s not a great deal to report on. Hoping that the pace picks up now that the book that held me up is done. And no, I can’t give up on a book once I have started. Maybe one day, life is too short etc, but I am determined to stick with it. All my reviews & ratings can be found on my Insta hashtag #babymacreads

HoneyBee by Craig Silvey

Gosh I loved this book so much. Amazing characters and a story of gender, identity, love, friendship and family. My top pick for the year so far I have been forcing everyone I know and love to read it.

Her Own Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford

This was a funny beachside read I picked up at the community library and churned through. Completely bonkers and silly but just like watching a bad daytime soap, unstoppable, in small does.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski

This was the book that had me trapped. I started off loving it – such beautiful writing, the characters, the place and the dogs were perfection and then school started and life got in the way and it was too heavy and then the end? Well it completely lost me. This was not for me…although I suspect it may be a Hamlet literary genius that went over my head because I watch too much Bravo.

Everything I know about Love by Dolly Alderton

Loved this book so much! Fun and light – almost like reading a blog with observations from life. I really enjoyed Dolly and found her laugh out loud funny, witty and insightful. It was about love and friendship and I can’t wait to read more of her stories.


You know I spend waaaay too much of my life watching crazy reality TV but what ca I say? It soothes me. So while these are some highlights I will say this: know that there is a heavy side of anything Bravo TV here too. That’s why I don’t understand literary genius like Edgar.

Daisy is deeeeeeeeply in love with Leo from 1994 and so we watch this as a family every fortnight. At least. Gosh it’s a good as it was back then and don’t even get me started on the soundtrack.

We watched this as a family through Apple TV+ a few months back (maybe last holidays?) and it was fabulous. We are not Billie fans but this documentary was just excellent. She’s a genius and I love her family so much.

Speaking of musical genius, Rob and I watched this documentary through Foxtel a few weeks back and absolutely loved it. She is iconic and I loved to watch her past and listen to her story through her own words. As for her music? SO good. SO good.

We also finally got on board with Hamilton (streamed through Disney+) and MY GOD. I wondered what all the fuss was about for so long and now I get it. My goodness we listen and watch this a lot and we are going in August with the girls in Sydney which I CANNOT WAIT FOR. Even mags sings along, to Peggy’s parts mostly.

Have you ever watched this Godforsaken show? Don’t. But do. One Saturday night Rob and I saw an episode and then it had another straight after it and while nothing happens (it actually seems to happen in real time it’s that slow) I got addicted and went deep. I am ashamed to say I watched an entire season….hours and hours of my life wasted and it was brilliant. It follows Americans who get engaged with people from OS to get visas. It’s something else. I hope Rob gets me a Cameo from Angela for my birthday is all I saying. She’s cheap.

We binge watched this on the weekend through Netflix and loved it. While we can’t travel the world at the moment this was a great distraction. Highly recommend for some literal armchair travel.

And don’t even get me started on how good Andy Cohen was with the Kardashian reunion show. I could have watched that for hours and hours. So much better than the shitshow of those last seasons. I die for Andy.

While we talk Bravo – Real Housewives of NY his a disaster this season, Beverley Hills we are all waiting for Erica only and I am desperate for Winterhouse to come on. Bring it on.

Listening to

I cannot recommend this enough. Go to Spotify and search up Playlister FM and head to their public playlists. You are welcome. There is so much gold right there you will not be disappointed…no matter the mood!

And then while you are there search for this playlist and enjoy at your next dinner party, cooking, or working from home. It’s brilliant. I only found out about it yesterday, but now we all know!

Some of the other playlists that I have been listening to are:

All through whatever podcast listening app you have…it’s great to explore new ones but these have been great.

Comments by Celebs – they do two a week, one is completely dedicated to Bravo and a breakdown of each episode that has been on and if you are a fan, you will love this deep dive.

This American Life – always has such great episodes. I listened to one recently on grief that was excellent.

Duchess – this follows some grand estates and homes in England and speaks to the women that run them. It’s very comforting and interesting – like watching Mary Berry or Delia Smith cook.

Sentimental Garbage – this is a podcast of Dolly Alderton and journo Caroline O’Donoghue and the recent ones about Sex and the City are meant to be fabulous. I haven’t had a listen yet but lots of recommendations from people so will definitely give it a go.

But that’s enough about me…you guys know where it’s at. Tell me everything! What have you…

Been Reading?
Been Watching?
Been listening to?



  1. How good was Andy! I could handle a whole season of them being interviewed by him.

    Thanks for the recs, will definitely try a few out. My daughter and I watched another terrible wedding reality show on Netflix. They get to choose between a renovation or a wedding. I wish I could look up the name – but school holidays and I have no control of the remote!

    You will love Hamilton!

  2. Beth, last night I finished one of the best books ever. It’s called the last migration. When you look it up it might not sound like a book you want to pick up (that was me, I picked it up fully expecting to hate it) but trust me, it’s one of the most affecting books I’ve read in a long time. Grab it for your school holiday read & then because I’ve deleted Insta come back here & tell me what you think! Also, read It’s Been A Pleasure Noni Blake. It’s light, fun & has some of the best sex written in there. One of my fave books so far this year & I’ve read over 40 so that’s saying something!

    I love Dolly too. I can’t remember if you’ve read her novel Ghosts or not but highly recommend. And sentimental in the city is one of the smartest, funniest & emotional podcasts I’ve ever listened too. I’m up to the last episode & don’t want it to end!!!!

    Can’t wait for the final KUWTK catch up on Friday. I agree, this last season was the worst, the absolute worst! But I still watched every bloody episode. I will miss those crazy fuckers!

    I should be ashamed to say this but I’m not-last Friday I took my client to see the latest fast & the furious movie. It is so over the top & insane so I then spent the weekend watching a bunch of other fast & furious movies on Binge. Man, they are so bad they are good! It’s the kind of movie you don’t have think about & will make you laugh at it’s stupidity, exactly what I’m looking for right now.

    This weekend, as we limp towards week Fucking 11 of term 2, yep, week 11, I will find some other mindless nonsense to binge because sweet Jesus will this term never end!!!!

  3. Who doesn’t love Young Leo {swoon}??? – great taste Daisy

  4. Big fan of podcasts and This American Life is one of my faves…when you’re looking for a new one to listen to, try Dolly Parton’s America…it’s not what you’d expect.

  5. Always love your recommendations Beth, thank you! We binged “The Pact” on Stan a couple of weekends ago, really enjoyed it. It’s set in Wales and the scenery is beautiful.

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