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It’s been almost 3 years since I started to take looking after my skin properly. I knew once I hot my forties that the dodgy nivea moisturiser and not EVER washing or cleansing or toning was going to cut it anymore. I’ve spent lots of money on different things, I have had numerous and continuous bouts of personal dermatitis that can ONLY be cured with antibiotics and lots more brown spots come on my face BUT! I think it’s in better shape than it would have been if I had done nothing at all.

It’s been a while since I did a post on what I have been using so thought I would update you on some of the things I am using at the moment. Nothing sponsored or anything, more like girlfriend recommendations on stuff I like, or don’t.

I don’t know about you, but I kind of feel like everything kind of does the same thing to varying degrees – I mean it works sure, but really the results are never what you think they will be. Miracles can’t happen I guess! I DO know that cleaning my face every day, adding skin oil and moisturiser before bed makes a BIG difference and that no matter what I do my personal dermatitis comes back again and again every 6 months or so. I need to go see my GP to get some more antibiotics next week which is frustrating. A course of slow and low dose usually does the trick and lasts a 6 months before it’s back again. So annoying!

Ok, back to what’s been happening.

A month or so ago before the school holidays I booked into a day spa Sculptress at Berida Hotel) in Bowral for a facial and had a COOL LIFTING thing at the end – kind of like a gun clicking all over your face to produce collagen and plump the skin. It was loud and not relaxing at all but it gave me a great complexion I must say!

Dewy decimal system!

You can see the start of my latest PD starting in this shot though….the pimple/red spot on the chin that turns into a patch of it. Always in the same spot. SO ANNOYING.

I bought a few months ago now this rosemary hydrosol from Hayley Gemma who I know from Instagram and I have loved spraying my face with this every day. Like to think it’s helped my skin but really….who knows! It smells amazing and is very soothing.

I am still using twice a day, every single day my beloved Bettyquette (formally Skin Boss) skin oil. I use this after I have taken my make up off, cleansed and then pop some on before moisturiser. One thing my skin can’t get enough of is MOISTURE. And this gives it to me. Love this stuff and you can buy it in my shop.

Two weeks I finally got around to getting my eyebrows tamed and while I was there I actually had a little treatment on my eyelashes which I have loved the results from. I was back in Bowral and had a lash lift which is kind of like a perm for your eyelashes. While I would love to get falsies popped on I can’t afford the maintenance and always rub my eyes so it’s a no go. This way I have a lift from my natural lashes and I have really noticed a difference to them – with a tint as well it was great result….while it lasts!

Here are some shots (DEAR GOD I apologise for the state of my old face).

I have loved the lift it gives every day and even more so when I have mascara on. Now for any locals down here if you book in for this LASH LIFT and mention BABYMAC you can get a free eyebrow shape and tint too. Yes mate! Tell them I sent you.

I also have some of this stuff to whack on the old eyelashes and brows to help thicken them both up…will report back on this stuff.

Lucy (my sis) was telling me about some new foundation that she has that she LOVES so I grabbed some to try too. It’s GOOD. Nice and light to put on and doesn’t dry out and cake your skin. Well worth trying I am loving this stuff (about $50) – I have been using Elizabeth Arden for years so was happy to try something different. I also have the concealer too.

Oh, I also grabbed some of these a little while ago and have been enjoying the natural Australian made products. You can check out their full range here but I have these ones:

And this one which is like an oil cleanser and is BRILLIANT at taking eye make up off!

So that’s some of the things I have been using – always love to hear from you guys though….

Got any new products you are using that you are loving?
Had a treatment worth getting?
Tell us everything!


  1. Amanda Higgins says

    I had micro-dermabrasion followed by a collagen facial back in January. I had NEVER had this done before, and was super worried that my skin might go a bit ‘nutso’…but I am happy to report it didn’t! And I have only had 3 spots since having it done (bloody amazing I say, as a nearly 45yo who was still getting spots. Yuck!)
    So i’m going to book myself in for another round in the next few weeks, as they have a sale on for micro and some LED light thingy (god knows what that does, but this old bird will give it a crack)
    I have to say though, I’m really not loving all this bloody maintenance involved in getting older. When will us women get a break?!

    BTW. love your blog Beth. Read it all the time. And you go a long way to helping me through my mothering days, with a good chuckle and f-bomb along the way. xxoo

  2. Hi Beth
    I know you’ve probably tried everything for preventing the perioral dermatitis but just wanted to share the product that has worked for me in case it might work for you.

    My dermatologist recommended I use it and only it – all the different creams, oils etc (even the “organic jojoba” oil I thought would be pure and good for my skin) were just messing with my skin and throwing the balance out that my skin was working hard to try and figure out.
    Anyway, I started using the face wash and moisturiser by Papulex. It is not particularly easy to find in stores but some chemists stock it or you can buy online. Cured my PD!

    Would love to know if it works for you!

    • Thanks so much for sharing that with me – will definitely try it out – I will and have tried EVERYTHING! Appreciate it.

      • Hi Beth,
        How did you go with the treatment of your PD with the Papulex? Did it work? I am reading this for the first time, so as it’s a few years ago, just wondered how you went. Cheers Karen

  3. Amanda G says

    I worked for the Estee Lauder company for a number of years, (a million years ago, pre kids) and the freebies and the discounts were amazing for my skin. Ive always loved skin products and makeup and have always from a young teen, taken time to properly look after my skin. Now, I use a mixture of things but one thing I always always always do is cleanse/ moisturise my skin properly, AM and PM. It could be 2 am and I could be drunk after a rare night out, but I will still cleanse my face. I also use a mix of supermarket and higher end products. I think there is a huge misconception that you need to use all the same brand/product, but you don’t. Find what you love and what works for you, and have a routine every day. Also have days without makeup and let skin breathe! I’ve never had a brow lift and would like to, you may have convinced me!

  4. Fabulous post, thank you. As I’m, ahem, a little bit, okay a lot, older than you I can report that skin stuff doesn’t Improve with age. Increasing dryness has been a problem for me and I think you’re wise for getting on to skin care when you did. Thanks for the product recommendations – unsponsored advice is like gold.

    I like that you use many local brands as there can be a lack of “ freshness” with OS product that travels a long way and then sits on shelves for ages. For a couple of years now I’ve been using quite a few products from MV Organics that are local, small batch and plant based (I have no affiliation with them at all, just a paying customer). Available on line or from their shop in Mosman. Not cheap but not exorbitant either. My big skin issue is the dreaded brown spots, due to sun damage and/or following pregnancy. I’ve tried lots of different things, nothing really works and I’m not keen on going the dermatology route. If you ever find anything that works for your spots, I’d love to know and vice versa.

    • I have those awful spots too Maria – killers! I will let you know if I have any success with anything I use. I really hate them so much and they stop me from having no make up on which I’d love to do!

  5. I recently saw on instagram a doctor who recommended the Korean hyaluronic mask followed by ‘your actives’. eg vitamin c or d or retinol. Then sunscreen morning and again in the afternoon, and that’s all you need. He recommended laser every now and then.

    I remove my make up with almond oil from the health food shop, followed by a hot, wet makeup remover towel, ($6 from Kmart). Then moisturiser. In the morning I spray with Caudale beauty elixir followed by serum, then makeup. I have the best skin of my life.

    I am definitely going to try the Korean mask. They’re evidently available form Daiso shops which I believe are cheap.

  6. The Queen uses Clarins, darl!

  7. Great post, I too am loving the eyelash perm…
    Fantastic brows by the way xx

  8. Great post. I want to try some eyelash serum to bulk up my eyelashes, would love to know how you go with that one esp if it helps with bulking up eyebrows too – god knows I need all the help I can get. I am like you Beth – have only just realised I actually need to start looking after my skin – imagine if we had have started before 40!!! I am loving the new You Beauty podcast on Mamamia Outloud, they have some fabulous recommendations.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

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