How are you friends? What a time it’s been! I have to say it’s been a struggle for me…8 weeks into lockdown and home schooling. The holidays have been and gone and the mental rollercoaster on any given day, hour, minute has been REAL. I have been struggling to get the bare minimum done every day – which for a business owner is a lot anyway so apologies for the radio silence for the past few weeks. It’s hard. It’s the situation we are in. It will get better.

Thought I would share what I have been reading, watching and listening to because there has been a decent amount of these over the past few months. I lost my reading mojo stuck on a book but have bounded through the last few weeks with lots of books read. Rob started a podcast releasing the chapters of his mystery comedy he is writing as he writes it each week, and of course my Bravo reality TV addiction has been real. A salve to exit to when no one needs anything else from me at the end of the day.


You can follow along on my reading hashtag on Instagram #babymacreads and read all my reviews and star ratings for the books there. Many have comments and recommendations in there too so it’s a great resource.

HeartSick by Jessie Stephens
This non fiction work looks at the love and heartbreak of 3 people who share their stories. A long form piece journalism that is completely captivating. Loved this one a lot.

Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller
This is such a beautiful read. About love and relationships in families and partners it’s hard to put this one down. Really loved it.

The Truth about Her by Jacqueline Maley
Debut novel from a Aussie author who was/is a journo it’s so good! Amazing writing and characters in the backdrop of Sydney it’s a love story, a life story, a suspenseful story. Really love this and highly recommend.

My Year of living Vulnerably by Rick Morton
Beautiful writing from Rick exporting his PTSD and efforts to live with an open heart. He explores many theories and stories about love, vulnerability…almost in a Julia Baird kind of way, really loved this.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Read
The perfect escape that was almost like a Jackie Collins from back in the day. Easy to read and great backdrop of Malibu in the 80s. Lots of fun!

Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro
Heavier going piece of science fiction but such beautiful writing and deep messages it’s hard not to love it. Exploring AI in a dystopian world, I am sure I missed a lot of what could be studied here, let’s blame my lockdown brain.


Look, I never claimed to be smart.

I knew that there was a new season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City coming out and knew from Bravo lovers how good season 1 was, so I buckled up and went onto Hayo for a deep dive. I literally did not come up for air as I binged the entire season over the course of a week – much like I did last year when I did the same with Potomac. It was GOOD, like REALLY GOOD. And you should give it a try. Loved every bad moment of this show. A shining star in the Bravo world – especially after the shitshow binfire that was New York last season.

Winter house is coming too. If you know, you know.

Now THIS has been my saviour. Ted, gosh I love this show so so much. I can’t remember loving something as much – maybe Schitts Creek. It’s THAT good. Get onto it if you already haven’t. It brings pure joy and isn’t that something we all need?

I’m sure I have watched more, but I have no memory, let’s blame lockdown.

Listening to

Lots! Lots of podcasts and music as I have been working alone in the office mostly.

Publish ISH ed this is Rob’s podcast where he releases chapters from his (unpublished) book each week. Lots of fun. You can also listen on Spotify too.

Comments by Celebs – this is how I got onto RHOSLC and their Bravo breakdown each week is a pure joy to listen to. It’s like my friends, who get it as much as I do. Love!

Live & Die in LA Season 2 – I started this months ago, a crime missing case that doesn’t actually get solved but like any crime podcast, it’s hard not to get sucked in.

I have been listening to LOTS of playlists on Spotify. I know I need to make some to share with you all but I literally do not have the bandwidth available. Let’s blame you know what. These are great though.

And being a Sticky Fingers fan (I know, it’s confusing, let’s blame Rob…I even went to their concert in 2019) I have been loving their new release and wish the whole album would land already. Great summer track. Can can listen to it here.

But that is more than enough about me, tell me…what have you been reading? Watching? Listening to?


  1. I understand that your comment may been tongue-in-cheek, and while you may never have said it, you ARE smart. I love your advice on reading, watching and listening. Your honesty is refreshing and life-affirming 💕💐

  2. I always love it when I see a post on what you are reading, watching, listening too. You always have so many good recommendations. Just finished The Paper Palace – what a great read! Another good book to read is The Mistake by Kate McMahon. Recommended by someone else Instagram, I couldn’t put it down either!

  3. Renae Foottit says

    How amazing is Ted Lasso!!?? I just finished watching it last night. So many wonderful lines – I need to start it all over again and write some of them down!
    “Listen to your gut.
    And on your way down to your gut, check in with your heart.”

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