What I’m reading, watching, listening to

My last catch up with all this stuff was in November last year and with the summer holidays in between I can tell you I have been consuming a LOT of stuff with books, TV and podcasts so thought I would share with you guys where I am at:


I had a run of reading mojo in the holidays and now it seems that I have lost that AGAIN – one slow book will really do that for you won’t it? I think it’s time to pause that and move onto something else until I can get it back into the swing again. Here’s where I have been though:

Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason

I loved this book so much. Perfect writing, characters and story telling about living with mental illness. The observations on relationships, on love and life and family were truly beautiful. Really enjoyed this one and highly recommend.

Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks

I revisited this classic and loved the story of a small village in England that was hit with the plague and they isolated themselves to make sure that it didn’t spread. Timely given our global pandemic and she is a story telling master so its a great read.

All our Shimmering skies by Trent Dalton

This one took me too long to get into, but once I did boy did I love it. An epic quest and at time fairy tale book set in Australian country – the characters and story are one that you won’t forget anytime soon. Bear with it…which frustrated me but it was lovely.

More than a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Best book I have read in FOREVER. So funny, so relatable just so so good. A must read for anyone in their forties or fifties or any age really!

You can read all my reviews and ratings on instagram on my hashtag #babymacreads too.


I must say that this is where I have spent most of my spare time – especially since the kids are back at school after a huge day of work and kids and life I find myself getting into bed at 8pm and watching TRASH TV. It’s not good friends, not good for the mind but it’s as satisfying as binging on a entire packet of chocolate caramel digestives..good at the time but not really.

Southern Charm on Foxtel
I am a 43 year old woman who should know better than this but here I was watching this like a crazed woman. I blame the fact that there was no Housewives on for me. And the dramas aside since it’s over with Jay Cutler and ARod etc have just added to it all. Obsessed.

Succession on Foxtel
Rob and I are churning our way through this one and loving it. Brilliant writers and characters – we are hooked and I am thrilled we have a few seasons to get through. Just need more time to watch it at night (I keep falling asleep mid week).

The Undoing on Foxtel
We enjoyed this one which hooks you in straight away –  a whodunnit murder with our Nicole and Hugh Grant. A little frustrating at time ( mostly Nicoles head) but it’s a great quick one to get through.

Pretend it’s a City on Netflix
Need a hot of New York? I always do and this one is great. NY icon and resident Fran Lebowitz does her pieces on the city in like a walk around stand up show…it’s wordy and very NY. Loved it.

Bridgerton on Netflix
Like every other bastard in the world we go into this one in the new year. It took me ages to get into it because I was like “this isn’t right” in a period piece kind of way but once I realised it was trashy, I got it. Great fun. Like Housewives for the period piece Jane Austin times.

Listening to

Podcasts have been my go-to the last month or so as we have done a LOT of driving and I have been listening to them when I pack orders or walk. Such a great distraction.

Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen 
Rob and Iistened to this entire series on our way to and from the farm (1000kms) over the weekend and were HOOKED. What a story! And it’s only just played out in recent times too which is always interesting to follow along with. Recommend highly!

Grounded with Louis Theroux (series 2)
I listened to series one during lockdown or just after here in Australia and loved the conversations. Have so enjoyed this one too – faves so far being Ruby Wax for insights on professional competitiveness and also Justin Theroux who is his cousin in LA. Great to listen to.

But tell me everything…what have you been
Listening to?


  1. Oh Beth, I totally need these recommendations. Thank you! I am really struggling to find anything to watch (think I have watched everything). We were hooked on the Undoing and rolled it in a few nights. Is Southern Charm a reality show or a drama? I think I am going to give all of your viewing recommendations a go. Also off to download More than a Woman on Audible (I just finished Where the Crawdads Sing and loved it. Also listened to The Bronze Horseman which was fantastic, have you read that one?). I have just downloaded Chameleon – so excited to have some new podcasts to listen to and always wishing that Over the Back Fence would make a comeback!!! Thanks again.

  2. Caitlin Moran is wonderful. Haven’t read this one but it’s on my list. As are a few other things that you mention. I’m watching Fauda on Netflix- love a good spy drama. And I Hate Suzy on Stan which I find infuriating , compelling and very, very bleak.

    Louis is the bees knees. He did a good ep with Helena Bonham Carter.

    Love the blog x

  3. Lockdown Parenting Hell with Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe is my fave podcast at the moment. I’m reading The Angel of Waterloo by Jackie French currently and enjoying it.

  4. I’m really struggling with reading. I read so much over Christmas but a back at work and doing The Kite Runner with my class. Otherwise, I’m not inspired enough to get into anything. I think my expectations are too high and I want every book to be my next favourite. Not really watching anything either which is a bugger. I LOVED Ted Lasso (watched it maybe 7 times through). Highly recommend and I think it would be okay for you to watch with Rob and Daisy (depending if you are okay with some swearing). Very sweet show. Loving Brett Goldstein’s (he plays Roy on the show and one of the writers) podcast – Films to be Buried With.

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