Christmas 2022

Another Christmas has been and gone for the year and this one was special for sure. We had my entire family together (each and every one of us) for the first time in 4 years. The last time we attempted this at the beach we had a mad dash to the border thanks to Victoria closing it, so it was extra special to be able to be together and enjoy these special moments together.

With the kids growing up who knows how long we will be able to do this…lots of memories locked away over 4 amazing days at the beach. The sun was shining, the hydrangeas were in bloom and the food and drink and laughter was overflowing. I also have highlights saved in my Instagram which you can see here and here.

We were treated to a special concert by the little 3, which was really a chance for Archie to dance for us for 14 songs…

Christmas Eve was cooked by Rob: pork rolls with chimichurri and then the carols (of course) and lots of champagne.

A trip down memory lane with Mum and then Santa sacks and looking out to see if we could see any signs of Santa in the summer night sky.

Christmas morning was a little foggy and dark which was perfect for opening presents to.

It was then food prep as the sun burned off the fog to the most perfect sunny day. We had turkey on the weber, salad, potatoes and salmon en croute with lots of delicious sauces and then trifle for dessert that Mum made (ginger cake with dulche de leche).

Of course I tried to do as many family photos as I could…

We enjoyed our lunch all together in the afternoon sunshine…does it get much better?

Boxing Day we celebrated our niece Mia’s 17th birthday with a delicious dinner under the stars cooked by the kids and sessions on the DJ decks on the deck. The instagram highlights show more of that action.

And then my camera ran out of battery and I couldn’t find where I had left the charger so that’s where it all ended. We had such a lovely time – a special thanks to all the chefs that helped prepare the delicious food and for everyone for being together. It really is these times that matter that most. And apologies to me for being 45, exhausted and hormonal which ended in quite a few tears and spats as I navigated a house full of 20 people!

Hope you all had a great Christmas too…with people you love. Isn’t it great that we all managed to do it? What a treat after so many years of uncertainty. Sending love to you guys out there for a wonderful break and downtime now before the year starts.

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  1. Beautiful. I lived vicariously through your Instagram stories and loved seeing you all together 😊 My husband and I got the dreaded C for the first time just before so our Christmas plans were dashed by being sick in bed 😩 Never mind – there is always next year! Happy new year to you! Hope 2023 is wonderful 💝

  2. Omg this is such a beautiful family get together! I wish I had a beautiful family like yours to celebrate with. We had our Christmas Day and no one took photos again!
    Honestly I would love to know how you all manage to navigate it – like who pays for what etc? I imagine the only way this will happen when my children are adults with their own families is if I pay for the accommodation and bribe them to come! And then I’m sure they will bicker over who gets the best room 🤷🏻‍♀️😩🤦🏻‍♀️
    So gorgeous- thank you for sharing.

    • It’s hard to find the time to take photos but I always know it will be worth it in the end for the memories! We allocate meals and meats etc everyone brings booze and we are lucky enough to have this house we can all pile into.

  3. Such a beautiful record of your Christmas together, Beth.

    I remember those McDonalds stickers and brown paper covered books!

    One thing I always notice in posts like this is that you are so aware of how lucky you are to have who you have around you. It’s a great trait.

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