Christmas 2020

As you guys would know, we were all so looking forward to Christmas this year at the beach with all my family. Every 2 years we get together on my side of the family for our bi-annual catch up. We have had it down the coast, at my place, at Pittwater, at my brother’s house and this year at the beach. Given the year we have all had, this one meant so much to us all as it had been 18 months since we had seen my sister and her kids from Melbourne, who spent most of last year in lockdown in Melbourne.

We were all so excited when they arrived and I was lucky enough to have 3 nights with them all staying at our place before they headed to Sydney and things changed quickly with Covid restrictions, lock downs and the inevitable border closure that saw them have to literally pack and run to get to the border before mandatory hotel quarantine kicked in.

It was heartbreaking seeing them all have to leave us before we got to Christmas and our plans. Heartbreaking. Those poor kids who have been through the toughest year ever, have this dangled in front of them all year and then to have it taken away was really, really tough. I can only imagine the impact it has had on their already poor mental health. So with heavy hearts, we said goodbye to them and prayed that we would still be able to get together in some way with the rest of us.

Thankfully, we had 3 wonderful days together. This year has taught us all to never take these moments for granted again. Time to be together, time to sit and relax and chat, to eat and dance and be silly. I know how hard Christmas was for so many people all over the world and am truly grateful for the luxury and privilege of time that we had together. It was bittersweet at times, but truly unforgettable.

The magic of Christmas was thankfully still alive with all our lovely little kids still so excited about it all. We ate like Kings and Queens (thanks to a family of wonderful cooks) and although the weather was a little miserable at times we still got to enjoy the beauty of the coast. How lucky we are.

We had a celebration for our Boxing Day baby Mia, who turned 15 and a lovely leftover lunch on the verandah under some sunshine. It really was the perfect time. I just feel so lucky we got it, and so sorry for my sister that they missed it. So cruel.

We have been up at the farm for the past week since then, for our annual NY holiday, a little sadder this year as we remember Rob’s Dad who died last New Year’s Eve, but it’s been such a beautiful, tender time for us all.

I hope that however you spent Christmas that it reminded you if all the important things in life. I know I was. I feel so lucky to be part of a family where we feel loved and safe and comfortable and supported in. While we don’t get to spend time all together very often, when we do I just feel so blessed.

How was your Christmas?
What did you get up to?
How are you feeling on the 3rd Jan?

Love to you guys, from my happy heart to yours x



  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. That is just so sad that you didn’t get to spend it with your sister and her family from Melbs. What a shame. Looks like a wonderful time though. Where did you go?

  2. So much love in these pictures, so sorry your sister had to flee, that must have been hard.
    Love all those pictures of little dotty, what a diva she is.
    My take away from this is the food, I think 2021 is going to be the year of eating real food, simple delicious food done well. I’m bored of the good for me, healthy stuff that leaves my stomach full and my soul empty. Honestly how good did that pork look, and the baked fish oh my, wish I was part of your family.
    Happy New Year, here’s to a year of no nasty surprises, softness and ease.
    cheers kate

  3. Lynn Richard says

    Merry Christmas and hopefully a good 2021.
    congrats on your article in Family Circle ,like chatting to an old friend, take care

  4. Magical photos! I love that the year ended and Dots still smiles with her eyes shut. I don’t know why that brings me such joy!? Jan 3 feels a bit weird. I’m excited to get back to work (teacher on school hols) but also glad that I’ve had time to relax. One little overnighter to the Sunny Coast tomorrow and then the next 2 weeks will begin to get busy. Christmas was a bit cooler and how nice is it not be to be googling ‘Fires near me’? I made your risoni salad (plus peas and spinach) for Christmas Day. I’ve spent the day watching horny Bridgerton. Great escapism. I hope all is well up at the farm. The drizzle looks lovely.

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