Christmas with my family 2018

It’s hard to believe that Christmas for another year has been and gone…all that planning and craziness done and dusted all of us feeling a little weary for it all.

Every second year my family get together (my siblings and families) for Christmas together and this year was at my brother and sister in laws place in Sydney. You might remember our Christmas in 2016 together in Pittwater and before that here and here and here 

It’s always a crazy time….20 of us together in one house with lots of food to make and eat, people to entertain and presents to open and enjoy. Those toddlers that were once in bed exhausted at night are now teenagers awake who chat and hang out and listen to their favourite music. The adults still the same dickheads we always were, I love spending time with my brother and sisters and in laws, it’s an absolute joy to behold. Crazy, but dos much fun. The stuff that memories are made of.

Most meal times are like The Big Chill…so many meals to prepare, so much washing up and so much fun. We had a big party on Christmas Eve with lots of family friends and then again on Boxing Day for my nieces birthday. This year we had a pool that kept everyone entertained and wore out the three little ones. THANK GOODNESS.

Another lot of memories locked away and exhausted and happy kids who are now missing their family. Long may these traditions continue…I know when you are in the thick of small kids and Christmas madness that all of a sudden you blink and it’s all done. The toddlers now teenagers. And on we go….

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas with people that you love. I know we sure did.


  1. When you have time I would love to know how you managed/divided all the cooking and cleaning. I’m hoping to do something similar next year and would love a bit of a roadmap.

  2. this year, for the first time in 27 years of marriage we didn’t go to a family get together. It was just husband, me & 16 year old daughter at home. My husband had hip replacement surgery a few weeks before Christmas & wasn’t up to a day out yet. It felt a bit odd but it was so relaxing not having to rush anywhere. Big down side was having to prepare all the food. At family lunch we all bring something.
    Your family get together sounds great

  3. Loved the pic with daisy and her new guitar!!! Hope you’re all having a lovely break xx

  4. Beautiful photos Beth! Would love you to do more tutorials, how to’s on food for entertaining 😊 Your salads and roasts looked outstanding!! I hope you have a great year to come

  5. What beautiful photos Beth! Your family is so lucky to have them!

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