Full & Thorough reporting: the “I’ve been a very busy girl” edition

I’m the kind of gal who rarely sits still. I will only sit once the house is sorted and my chores done and then and ONLY then will I be able to sit and relax. Which is quite funny really don’t you think given that a Mum’s chores are ever sorted….particularly this time of year. So there has been little to no sitting. Chore lists that are so long they make me want to cry.

Honestly, since launching the shop at the end of October life has never been busier. It’s been FULL ON. And you know that actually means something when it’s coming from me who does a lot most of the time. I have been running on adrenalin and coffee and forgetting to eat until I am shovelling a custard tart down my throat. There’s been packing at night, in the morning, in between the girls and their stuff, having a 3 year old at home EVERY DAY SO HELP ME GOD and a husband who also works at home as well as this blog and its commitments and deadlines.

Man, are we there yet?

There are no complaints whatsoever because I have entirely created this all for myself and I am SO grateful for business and being busy and having a crack all by our self-es but HOLY MOLY it’s been busy is what I’m saying.

This morning I woke up to Maggie calling out at 5.30 so we were up ready to start the day. I walked out into the “big room” as Maggie calls it and thought we better have a catch up, it seems like ages. And doesn’t it look pretty?

Gosh I love this time of year with the lights and the tree and all the Christmas stuff. Such a welcome sight during a busy time. I also have hydrangeas everywhere which is deeply pleasing. 

We have had a busy week or so with LOTS of social occasions that come…including birthdays with more to come this weekend (Archie is turning 4 you guys HOW?!) We had a 70th at the pub on Saturday…

Then we had a BBQ at our place on Sunday afternoon where we had to find a new tree to eat under in the garden as the snow pear has now gone.

The weather has been stinking hot and then freezing cold which seems to make everyone sick. Why does that always happen this time of year? We even had the fire on this week!

We had my Dad and Step Mum come visit us on Tuesday for the night so we had a dinner with Luce and the kids then, and on Wednesday the end of year assembly and another sleepover…this time with Mum. Both girls did so well…Daisy won citizenship award for the school, and Harper the academic. Rob was away working so I even got to stand up and deliver the presidents report for the P&C on his behalf. Oh the power!

Dots and Mags have been playing beautifully together (HOLD THE PHONE) and no one mention it to her because she will deny the entire thing. Dots is BESIDE herself that Maggie is even looking at her.

And as for Mags, well her judgement remains high.

The star jasmines are out and smelling AMAZING.

The girls have had haircuts and are ready for summer holidays…BRING ON A CHANGE OF ROUTINE UNTIL I START TO GET OVER IT.

And until then, there are more hydrangeas to pick. Finishing off getting our orders off at the shop this morning. An entire Christmas present shop for 3 kids to begin, planning for Christmas away, packing up for holidays and putting the Christmas decorations away, finding someone to mind Frank, finishing school and deadlines.

Yep. Let’s focus on the hydrangeas.

What have you guys been up?
Tinsel tangled?
Frazzled and weary or enjoying holidays somewhere?
Tell me everything!


  1. With perfect timing my husband has just come out of hospital after hip replacement surgery. I don’t drive any more so I am madly trying to rope in friends or family to take me places with oxygen or wheelchair in tow because of my dodgy heart & lungs. I have finally finished the christmas shopping & found things for my daughter’s 16th birthday this weekend. I have a lovely friend that is going to brave the shops with me on christmas eve for last minute fresh salad stuff for christmas lunch. I am trying to organise people to drive my husband to medical appointments between christmas & new year. To be honest I can’t wait for christmas chaos to be over, I’m really not feeling it this year.

  2. Oh I’m so frazzled Beth…….. the usual end of year / Christmas shenanigans, three kids and all their activities, started a new job, in-laws to stay, only to be made aware… we’re moving to Houston for my husbands work, oh and I think that we should sell the house 😫😫😫🤣🤣🤣
    Bring on Christmas Day, for a day of rest in this madness…. oh that’s right we’re hosting!!!

  3. Go Beth! What an exciting (but busy) way to end the year. Love hearing the updates on the kids. You seem to capture their personalities so well! Zoe Foster-Blake posted about The Strategist and it looked like a great site with plenty of pressie suggestions so that might help for the girls’ gifts. Here’s to staying sane!

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  5. Hi Beth, the amount you do is amazing and congratulations. The shop is delightful. I am treasuring every minute of the Christmas prep because someone in our family has just spent 6 weeks in hospital, most of it not getting any better. But she is now recovering, slowly but enough to be at home with us. So all the prep for Christmas at home is precious because we thought we might have to cancel all the plans and travel to the city where she lives to be with her in hospital on Christmas Day. Counting my blessings and wishing everyone a safe and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

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