A summer pause

11 days later here I am logging back into my blog for the first time…my longest break from online world EVER. What a wonderful break it’s been…from myself, and routine and bad habits…a complete recharge in every sense. We have been busy doing not much, and isn’t that the perfect remedy for life? Our days spent at the farm in quiet and simple ways with people that we love. Slow days filled with reading and swimming, fishing, adventures, napping, storm watching, reading in such simple and rhythmic ways.

We have reconnected as a family (perhaps too much at times!) and I know I feel so much better for it all.  I will check in on my holiday bucket list to see how I did but I can say that there was not ONE cheeky check in on social media at ALL. I read 5 books…FIVE BOOKS and I slept a lot. Like I said, perfection.

But because of all that time in the real world, I have NO clue about what’s been doing on so tell me EVERYTHING.

How was Christmas?
New Years?
What’s been happening?

And if you have been thinking of getting offline for a break, a break from social media and all that noise. DO IT.


  1. Christmas was spent with extended family at my sister’s place, the one with the pool, & then it was drizzly & cloudy ! New Years was spent sitting on the lounge watching the fireworks. Today my 15 year old is going away with her friend & their family on their beach holiday leaving me & my husband with a whole child free week ! Looks like you had a lovely, relaxing time with your family.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year. Love your photos from the farm. Seems idílic. You are so strong to stay away from social media. I yet have to learn the Jedi ways. 🤔 During Christmas we also spent time with family up in Scone, we spent time by the pool went for walks, went to the dam for a boat ride, camped on Christmas Day and I started reading but I am addicted to social media and like my partner says dopamine hits. This year I want to be more in the now and present! I want to be more creative and less angry and more happy- live the moment!

  3. 5 books! That’s such a great incentive to get offline for a while. I started reading one book (My Husband and I – a history of The Queen’s 70 year marriage. I think you’d like it) but only managed a few chapters. Thanks for the inspo/reminder to get offline more. Putting the phone down now! x

  4. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all. Looks as though you have had a fabulous time. It’s been very quiet here, spending time with family while we continue to heal. I look forward to reading many more of your posts in 2018 xx

  5. That. Sounds. AMAZING!

    Im quite envious. It sounds exactly like what we here have needed but haven’t gotten. Reading? Sleeping? Reconnecting? Stay off social media? So good!!

    We have a semi failed trip up North and came home early. We’re exhausted and it feels like there’s no recharge in sight!

    But Christmas was lovely, and it’s quite lovely to have it all packed away. I’ve sorted 6 large garbage bags of stuff to be collected by a local organisation that helps out people in need and I’m REALLY looking forward to my first ever ‘float’ tomorrow, and really hoping I fall asleep during it haha.

    Happy New Year to you and yours x

  6. Happy New Year! So many wonderful memories made I can see in this post! What a wonderful experience for you all and it is hard to do the drive at times (because: holidays!) but the reward is there at the end and within you all. Denyse xx

  7. Looks like it was utter bliss!
    Happy New Year x

  8. Welcome back and Happy New Year!!!
    You’ve been missed.
    Christmas and New Years was quiet and complete perfection. Cooked and swam and drank coffee

  9. Beautiful photos. So glad you enjoyed your break , thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.

  10. Lovely photos and so glad you had a great break. I knew you’d enjoy it. Wishing you a very Happy New Year Beth. x

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