Holiday heaven

Oh we are having a good old time down here. The kids are NON STOP. Honestly, they just don’t stop  from 6am until 7pm, and it’s fabulous and exhausting for all of us. The nights have been less than ideal (I’m looking at you Harper Lucy) but generally we are having a great time, making memories that we (and the kids) will have forever.

The few precious memories that the adults get to ourselves without any interruptions are generally between 7.30 or 8pm and say about 10pm (again Harper, looking at you) and we have taken ourselves to the spot in the house and the furthermost from the children because did you know that if a child calls out and there’s no one to hear then they didn’t even call at all…or something?!

It’s magic to be by the sea, having a few drinks, a few laughs and a natter with my family.


  1. I hope you have had the most wonderful Christmas! These pictures look fantastic!!

  2. Oh you look like you’re having such a fabulous time!!


  3. wow – that front yard! That VIEW! Oh my!! Enjoy xx

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