Christmas Day

My goodness it’s been a busy Christmas. We had LOTS of driving, lots of family catch up’s, lots of meltdowns from the 5 yro, lots of wonderful food and lots of lovely times. I hopped into bed with Harps last night at my Dad’s place and asked if she had a lovely day. “No, it was NOT a good Christmas” she said “we spent too much time in the car!”. And maybe we did, but we got to see so many of our family so it was worth every tear and thunderstorm.

Christmas Eve it’s a tradition at our pub that Santa (aka Mr Munro) comes to visit the kids of the village…it was a misty and foggy old night so we headed home early to an easy supper of pulled pork and slaw sliders before getting the girls to bed around 10pm.

IMG_4792 IMG_4795 IMG_4801

The late night meant that the morning wake up wasn’t so bad…just before 6am…for presents! Lots of excitement and wonder (and meltdowns from the youngest) before we had to pack everything up for the start of our summer holiday adventure.

IMG_4807 IMG_4808 IMG_4817 IMG_4819 IMG_4823

We stopped in at Rob’s brothers place for a catch up before heading to Mum’s for lunch and then up through a VERY large thunderstorm to my Dad’s place on the central coast for the night.

IMG_4849 IMG_4850 IMG_4851 IMG_4853 IMG_4859

It was such a lovely day packed to the brim with family. Even more family than food this year (maybe) and I’ll take it. Feeling very lucky to be part of such a good one. This morning we head north to the farm for some serious down time. Bring on reading and sleeping (I seem to have lost the art entirely).

I hope you had a wonderful day too!  Merry Christmas x


  1. you are amazing beth! … all that driving and organizing! … forgotten how now!
    I love the red table setting … just gorgeous in the garden! … a bit cool in Adelaide hills!
    all good food, presents and well behaved children! 4 & 2 … who watched pepper pig when things started running amuck!
    it was more than enough for me to drive 1hr to my sister’s with mr m, dad (89) and his friend
    in the car and home after festivities! they all went to sleep coming home !!! peace! enjoy a rest day today? love m:)X

  2. What beautiful pictures – you’ve captured so many wonderful memories. Happy holidays – enjoy!

  3. Fiona Guglielmi says

    Good morning Beth wow your day sounds very busy but so much fun and with lots of fantastic memories. Enjoy your holidays and read lots of books!!!!

  4. Hold the phone – is that Daisy from behind with a HANDBAG and trendy fur vest? What happened to your baby beth?

    Christmas with family and kids = driving. I hear you. We avoided it this year by spending our day in one place but we’ve done it in the past and I’ve cried more than the kids.


  5. That Harps is such an old soul – she just knows how to express what we all might be feeling! X

  6. Books!! Oh how I love seeing children receive books for Christmas! Foster’s the love of reading early. My daughter always gets two or three and we spend the morning reading them. Merry Christmas to you and your family Beth!!

  7. I love your Christmas photos! and your mums decorations, just gorgeous. I really miss our family at christmas, living in Perth is sometimes just too far away! Enjoy your downtime and chill, relax and eat x

  8. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous peeks into your Christmas Day, Beth. We’ve done the travelling thing on Christmas Day with multiple visits to different family for years. They are big days for everyone, but like you’ve said it’s important to be grateful for having so many people in your life. Nowadays they come to us which is so different again.

  9. my 5 y.o got one of those flutterby things… she is scared shitless of it!!! hahahaha.

    I had one of the crappiest christmases, but that always happens on even years when we have to travel south for hubby’s family’s turn. Don’t get me wrong, they are nice enough, but they are just not my kind of people. Hubby is the black sheep and they clearly favour the older brother who is a complete bore and the older sister who is a fricken fruitloop. Doesn’t matter that we are the only ones who have given them grandchildren, they still treat him like a child. It sucks on so many levels. Picture small country town, no boxing day sales to hit (country target just doesn’t cut it!!!) and general tedium from good god fearing country folk. Grace at every meal, muting the ads on the TV, and speaking throughout EVERY TV PROGRAM. I just can’t. I am done.

    only 2 more sleeps and we’re off on our Tassie adventure. Cannot. Wait. Then the twitching might stop.

  10. Enjoy your holidays Beth! Xx

  11. A wonderful day! The girls are so gorgeous in their nighties. Reminds me of being a kid! Jx

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