Christmas 2019

We have had the loveliest few days with family celebrating Christmas. After a busy time it’s been lovely to change the pace a little and only worry about menu planning, seating people and making sure people had somewhere to sleep and full glasses of cold champagne.

I got a little organised on the day of the 24th setting our Christmas table – what a revelation this was…I got to faff about with running around AND I got to enjoy looking at it for a while extra day. Will be doing this again for sure.

Christmas Eve we had a lovely cool change sweep through the village bringing with it some drizzle and mist as we headed up to the pub top see Santa and catch up with friends – always a favourite night of the year it was so nice to eat outside without smoke, flies or heat getting in the way.

We had Rob’s Mum come and stay with us for the night which was also lovely to spend time with her and the girls, it’s always a treat to have someone little around who brings the magic of Christmas back alive. After dinner there were puzzles before bed, Santa sacks up and Carols as last minute presents were wrapped.

Christmas morning was a blur of presents and unwrapping – it was SO SO nice to be home doing this let me tell you after 4 years of being away – I cherished every moment of it.

Then it was prep time for lunch with Mum and my step dad, Lucy and Chris and the kids. We had the loveliest lunch which was delicious, relaxed and went for many, many hours. The kids were happy playing, the big two got to sit with the adults and then we all played with Archie’s new racetrack.

After everyone had gone home (well Mum and Milts stayed) and the 58th dishwasher load had been put on, the table cleared and Mary Berry’s baking special put on the telly, it was a joy to sit back and think about how lucky we are for the loveliest Christmas at home.

How was your Christmas?
Tell me everything!


  1. Maria Savage says

    Thankyou for sharing Beth, beautiful family times so Special.. and the food OMG girl you nailed it again!
    Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe New Year 2020 🌺

  2. Our Christmas was low key but lovely. Yours looks delightful – decorations, tablescape, food – oh my goodness. And how fabulous to be at home for a change. I hate to be that person with questions but I’d love to know where you got your napkin rings.

  3. Beth, that photo of Rob giving you a squeeze is the best!!!

    Our Christmas was good (beside the RIDICULOUSLY early start 😬). Lots of time in the pool, lots of delicious food, a super long arvo nap capped off with our traditional watching of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. It’s was pretty perfect to be honest.

  4. We were at home this year too, it was lovely. I’m still getting used to Xmas with young adults and no small children, it’s quite the change. The day seems quite a bit longer even though it starts much later and finishes earlier because we didn’t have to travel. Too much food of course and plenty of washing up so everyone gets to do some 😉.
    Your table looks fabulous.

  5. Love the table. Our Christmas was radically different house sitting the brother’s house in Switzerland! 4 out of 5 family members also decided not to do gifts – they are all non-consumerists, hate random shopping and random gifts which they don’t want or need, so they said NOPE to anything! (if one does do shopping, you take them with you and they show you what they want – zero surprises for birthdays!) (an aside note – um – if you saw the prices of things in Switzerland too, you’d possibly not be shopping either!). I did buy myself a puzzle, some wool and a drink bottle here 🙂 . No snow, it’s been a warm Christmas and houses are over-heated and we struggle and have the door open even if it is 4 degrees to get some fresh air!

  6. Maggie’s got wheels!! How cool.

    Looks like a wonderful day at home together. That’s the best isn’t it?

    Can we discuss the incredible artwork that snuck into these photos… I can’t remember seeing it before. Left of the dining table. Wow!!!

    And that gorg lamp. Nice one Rob!

    We had a super relaxed bbq at my younger brother’s house – 10 adults and 7 kids under 12 so there was plenty of wonder and squealing and chasey.

    And then the peace of Boxing Day. Aahhh how’s the serenity.

  7. That onion dish looks fabulous! Can you give the recipe?

    Beautiful pics, Beth.

  8. Your house should be a magazine feature, so beautiful. I got sick for Xmas, couldn’t eat or drink (on the mend now) on the plus side my teenage son can now make an excellent trifle and my daughters can pull off a Xmas lunch for 14!

  9. Happy Christmas Beth!!!
    What a lovely Christmas Day you had! Your table looks gorgeous – I think I’m going to copy it next year when it’s my turn to host! I’d love you to do a post on table decorating and your Christmas Day menu…. I’m planning already!!!

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. It’s all about the kids and family being together. I would love the recipe to the sauce you had with the prawns – It looks that delicious I could drink it!!

  11. We had a lovely Christmas with both our girls in Adelaide. Lunch was at newly engaged Brianna and Michael’s house where he cooked 2 chooks, a leg of lamb and glazed a ham for 10 of us! So much yummy food! Then it was to married daughter Kirby’s where hubby Nate webbered a beautiful roll of pork for dinner. We had duck fat potatoes, roasted carrots, pumpkin and greens. I made the graby. Too full from lunch, a tiramisu was not made and we just ate from my sweets nibble platter. That’ll do, pig!

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