Daisy is now 14

Daisy turned 14 a week or so ago on Valentines Day. Can you believe it? Me either.

You might know that the reason that this blog even exists is because of me wanting to share the pregnancy and eventual birth of my first child (BabyMac) with my two sisters who were living overseas and interstate. And here we are almost 15 years and thousands of blog posts later. Here’s a quick birthday recap for those playing the long game…

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Daisy turned 2
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Well we now have a 14 year old on our hands and we had a simple family catch up on her birthday with an Anne (of course!) she went to the movies with her mates to see Romeo & Juliet and then last Saturday night we had a party with 20 of her friends from school.

Daisy is a great kid. Like any 14 year old she can be moody AF and all in the space of 23 seconds. It’s one hell of a ride year 9. But! If the wind blows in the right direction she can still sit and play patiently with her little sister. She will still offer to help around the house. She will sit and talk about her day at the dinner table, ask questions and make us laugh.

Fourteen is filled with self doubt and consciousness. It’s finding your place in the world and being confident with it. It’s making bad decisions and good ones, letting go and growing up. I hope that whatever comes over the next year that she keeps talking to us all, still wants to hang out with us and starts to realise just how smart and kind and funny and important she is to so many people. That there is SO. much more to a person than how they look. That she understands her worth and glory and beauty like we all do.

Happy day to you Daisy. Where have all the years gone? We love you so much x


  1. Susan, Mum to Molly says

    Happy Borthday Daisy, congratulation on 15 years blogging and Happy Mama-Versary to you Beth! What a journey this mothering gig is, hey? xx

  2. A wonderful new stage to come as her individuality evolves and you can only walk alongside in amazement. Impressed by the civilised chairs, mine would have dragged out old mattresses and cushions.

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