Full & Thorough reporting (with added 12th Birthday)

Friday morning and the house is filled with only the sound of my busy hands typing on the laptop, some loud tunes playing (our wedding CD which never gets old even 14 years later) and a very long to-do list before me. The time from school drop off to pick up sure goes fast and I tend to spend them rushing against the clock to get everything done while I can – no down time as yet.

Drop off’s are getting a little better (still tears and very SAD about the whole thing) but she may even be actually enjoying herself during her day. Just don’t mention it to her ok? Because she is VERY SAD to be going. Harper is adjusting to life at school by herself for the first time, and I think in fact that it’s going to be a good thing for her. Daisy is doing SO well at High school – it’s been a HUGE adjustment for her: every part of it from the morning wake up to commute on the bus, the new subjects, new school, new friends, but she is already flourishing and it is an absolute JOY to watch.

The roses are doing a third flush I think now and are glorious. We need some rain though, and the mornings and evenings are starting to get a little cooler. You can almost feel the shift in the seasons, and within myself as the year moves on.

I’ve been spending a bit of time in the garden getting it under control after the long summer. Even though it’s looking good, all I can see is more jobs that need doing, it never ends. I can’t wait for Autumn to see things start to slow down a little.

Sunday afternoon we caught up with the family at home in the garden after we had been busy clipping and mowing. It looked gorgeous under the tree in the front yard. We held Rob’s 40th out here and whenever I am here I am reminded of what a grand day that was.

We ate pizza, the kids (and dogs) ran around and did concerts for us, just like we used to do for our parents. It was one of those perfect afternoons that turned into a cool evening so we had to head inside to sit around our kitchen island bench and eat more pizza. Man we have had a few dinners and chats around that table over the years.

Then yesterday we had ourselves a 12 year old on our hands: our sweet Valentine is now 12 years old. She had such a great day: all her friends decorated her locker, a great day at school, a pick up from Mum and her sisters and then a trip to get her ears pierced (AT LAST) and a lovely casual dinner at the pub with all her family friends. Low key, and lovely.

I cannot wait to see this next year unfold for Daisy: the world is her oyster, and she is happy and not too cool for anything just now, she’s appreciative and a delight to be around. Long may that last (I know it won’t).

In a busy week of life, with so much driving kids around, working hard, worrying about people who we adore that aren’t so well at the moment, it’s been these simple moments with friends and family, being at home or nearby with people that we all love that I’ve been reminded about how good things are. We are so lucky for all we have, right now in February in 2019.

How has your week been?
Got any plans for the weekend that are exciting?


  1. You can see in Daisy’s face that she is moving from kid to teen, all slim & angular now. Wow.

    And I hope school ( & OSHC) drop offs get easier for me too because they are KILLING me. I, like you, am sure they days are filled with fun & learning & friends so why the tears still?

    My world is VERY full on right now, lots of big stuff happening that is forcing me to slow right down & learn that I need to care for myself if I want to care for those I love, so my plans are no plans! I will clean the chook house, go to karate & do teenage work runs but otherwise NADA. I’ve got a pile of new books & the kids want to fill the freezer with mini pizzas for lunchboxes so that will do.

    Enjoy your weekend Beth x

  2. Beautiful post Beth – I too notice a subtle change in myself, my family and the way we do our days as the seasons slowly change. Thanks for articulating these little things so beautifully!

  3. Love reading these updates. How gorgeous is your green lawn!?

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