Bert’s Bash

We did it! One 40th birthday party done and dusted and it couldn’t have gone better if we tried. The weather was dead set perfect. Sunny! No wind! 22 degrees! The food was perfect (and even better not done by me). We had cocktails in the sunshine, an amazing spread of food and the most wonderful collection of friends and family with us to celebrate Rob’s special day.

When we were trying to work out what we wanted to do for the party we knew it had to be a long lunch (my absolute favourite) and at first I was hesitant about having it at home (all the work) and the potential for bad weather meaning we would have 70 people inside…somewhere…but when I stopped and looked around at all our friends having a wonderful time, not to mention the birthday boy, I knew we couldn’t had done it any other way. It was very special to be able to host everyone in this place we get to call home.

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There were some wonderful words from the birthday boy of course, and his Mum and Dad and myself too. There was so much to say about this fine man, and many said them far better than me. The main things I wanted to let everyone know was just how special he is to all of us. How much the girls and I adore him for everything that he does for us every day. He is the glue that binds us, the keel than keeps us even, his patience, kindness and love are what makes this gentle man the person we love. Rob is many things: creative and so smart to mention a few but for me, it’s his humour that makes me love him the most of all. He makes me laugh, every day. He stops me from taking things too seriously. And he is the most supportive partner for all the weird and wonderful things I get to do.

Rob, happy birthday my love. Here’s to another 40 together. I hope we can continue to laugh, and love each other and our beautiful girls. You deserve a party like you had every day, for all that you do for us, every single day. Happy Birthday old man xxx


Some locals might wonder about some of the finer details of the event. All local. All wonderful. All icky enough to call mates. Here you go:

Hired all the tables etc from South Coast Party Hire.
Amazing food by some very clever local birds Joey and Vanessa from Rustic Table Catering.
Cocktails by the very clever Byron from Trolley’d.
Lemons, limes & grapefruits from friend’s gardens.
Camellia (Fried egg tree the Gordonia) from my garden.


  1. Looks amazing! What a wonderful way to celebrate! x

  2. Looks wonderful Beth, your husband is a scotsman I take it?? Cant beat a man in a kilt! We’re from Scotland too, been over in Oz 11 years now.

  3. It looks superb Beth. Glad the weather behaved for you.
    A x

    PS Happy birthday Maggie!

  4. look at those girls! beautiful.

  5. Hi Beth,

    Looks like a great party! Love the decos. Can I ask where you got the globe string lights from? I’ve been searching for them everywhere… Thanks so much!


  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    It looks like the perfect party Beth,beautiful Xx

  7. Everything about this is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

  8. What an absolutely crackerjack looking day! The weather turned it ON for you – how lucky! Here I am stressing about a late June 2nd birthday party…we can simply NOT fit more than two people in our shoebox tiny farmhouse if it’s bad weather – eeep!
    Love the long table settings, and simple centrepieces, perfect. Did you hire the festoon lighting too?
    Happy birthday to your main man, here’s to many more where he can be as celebrated and loved upon. We both turn 30 later this year, but with a toddler and a newborn I don’t think we’ll be doing much! I think 40 will be our big shebang.

    • Yes, hired the lighting – came in a string of 24 metres – have been wanting to use it in a function for the longest time x

  9. You did it Betty. So proud. The weather gods were shining on your vision! x

  10. What a gorgeous, glorious way to celebrate your wonderful man. So glad it all turned out brilliantly. Hope you got to have a photo with the birthday boy and your gorgeous girls. x

  11. What a fabulous event. It looks incredible Beth. You have a beautiful family. Happy Birthday to Rob and Happy Birthday to Mags. x

  12. Woohoo you did it…
    Spectacular Beth, so happy all went well you guys. Happy 40th Rob.

  13. Oh those gorgeous girls! Lovely photos of a memorable day for your family. Thanks for sharing Beth.
    Liz XO

  14. what a day beth!
    well done you! … looks absolutely amazing!
    soo capable hun!
    much love m:)XX

  15. How divine! x

  16. what a lovely setting it all looks so pretty. Nice work with the Outlander kilt.

    40 is so young. Jealous.

    Thought of you the other day as I washed the outside of my home with a bucket and a sponge. So satisfying.

  17. Looks like a brilliant day. You did a great job organising

  18. Simply stunning! What a celebration! ?Happy Birthday Rob & Mags! Myou bday was May 15 – a fellow Taurean ? ??

  19. Cathy Ramsey says

    Love love love the fires! Details please….

  20. My first thought at seeing Rob in the kilt was, ‘Donald where’s yer troosers’
    ‘Let the wind blow high let the wind blow low, through the streets …
    all the girls say och eye, Donald where’s yer troosers.’
    My Dad was a Scots man and he used to sing this sing after a scotch or two!
    The garden looked perfect with the turning autumn leaves, how lovely!

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