A little Birthday afternoon tea

We held a Valentine Birthday afternoon tea for Miss Daisy yesterday. It was everything you would want a 5 year old soiree to be: pink, full of treats, a few games, plenty of new friends, sunshine(!), presents and of course love hearts to boot! The kids were fabulous given the fact it was after school and Daisy managed to get through without one tantrum which I was stoked about. Last night when I put her to bed she said that she “had the best time” and that “it’s so special to have so many people at your party isn’t it Mum?”

It sure is.


  1. She is so beautiful! Happy Birthday lovely girl! And how stunning is your home! x

  2. Special, indeed! x

  3. Gorgeous party for a gorgeous daisy!

  4. Daisy’s face is so delightful. The picture of her with the cake is beautiful. Well done you on getting all this done, despite your lack of sleep. I haven’t commented on your letter to yourself, but I am one of those who you make smile and inspire everyday. Thanks! xo

  5. How lovely! I bet she had a wonderful time, what a special atmosphere you created!

  6. seriously gorgeous party. and you have a seriously gorgeous five year old. how happy does she look! it’s beautiful to see. glad she had a wonderful day. x

  7. So pretty and special.
    You’re a pretty special Mama.
    🙂 x

  8. The close up of Daisy looking at her cake is such a beautiful photo. Your house looks stunning. Glad the party went well and Daisy was so appreciative of your hard work. x

  9. special mama makes for a special girl 🙂 I love the photo of her in front of her cake, the look on her face is just beautiful. and you are amazing to host a party AFTER SCHOOL! x

  10. aw bless that little face of hers, so sweet and so happy!! good job mama! happy birthday Daisy! x

  11. this kid, god damn she is cute! you did good mama! and the look on her face tells it all, she is HAPPY!

  12. Lovely. Just lovely. All of it.

  13. Such a lovely table, Beth! Happy birthday to your sweetie pie. x

  14. Beautiful photos that capture a special day……how styling is that young lady in the white hat!

  15. Ahh what a lovely party. I too love your house – you luck thing, it’s gorgeous. And your daughter – that pic of her on her own is amazing. Glad you had a great day. x

  16. 5 going on 13!

    She looks like a teenager.

    A beautiful, sweet, mature TEENAGER!

    She looks so grateful for that tea you put on for her. You can just see it in her eyes.

    Precious 🙂 xx

  17. Just beautiful photos Beth. The table looks just magical!

  18. That cake looks so simple and beautiful! Was it buttercream icing?

  19. Love the little heart watermelons, what a kid friendly treat that is beautiful. The table looked gorgeous and all the kiddos looked happy. Happy Birthday Daisy!

  20. You’re such a gorgeous Mama lady, making all the milestones so special. What a picture this 5th birthday gathering was. Happy snaps indeed xo


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