Daisy is now 13!

The reason that this blog exists is because in July 2006 I wrote an opening blog post to tell my sisters (but the world of no one listening) that we were having a baby. Almost 14 years have passed can you even believe that I am STILL writing on this blog?! BabyMac was born and on Valentines Day the following year, our first daughter Daisy was born.

My goodness she has grown. So much so over the past year as she turns into a fully grown young woman, taller than me now. I am so glad that we have all these memories locked away from when she was young and even know I’m not allowed to post many pictures of her, or write about her, I sure am glad that I have these memories locked away.

Daisy turned 1
Daisy turned 2
Daisy turned 3
Daisy turned 4
Daisy turned 5
Daisy turned 6
Daisy turned 7
Daisy turned 9
Daisy turned 10
Daisy turned 11
Daisy turned 12

We had a quiet celebration on Friday for Daisy as this weekend she is going away with some friends but she had such a great day. She had her locker decorated at school with lots of presents from all her friends. She got to see two Grandmas and have dinner with our friends at the pub. She got an Anne with thick icing, she got presents. She was happy.

As we head into the UNKNOWNNNNNN as Elsa would say, of teenage land I’m not letting myself feel too anxious about the whole thing. I know it’s going to be hard (don’t people love to tell you that?) and I can tell you we have had our fair share already of the disconnect, the frustrations, the embarrassments…you name it, we have had a taste. But I do know that our funny Valentine is the same sweet girl she always was. She can be vague and single/self minded. She can be distracted. She can be mortified by my existence. But she’s still funny and kind, a wonderful big sister. She is so funny, smart and quick with her humour, she is hard working and clever. She’s a good friend (I hope). She’s a great daughter and we love her so.

I hope she still needs us and reached out for us in the next few years. I know we are annoying and clueless (we know nothing about anything) but we still might have some stuff to teach her along the way if she looks our way. I swear we are cool Daise…just believe us!

Happy 13th birthday to the girl that made me a Mum and has taught me everything I know along the way. Thank you for letting me make mistakes, for being harder and tougher on you than the others because you happen to be the first. Thank you for helping me out every single day. Thank you for being you, I hope you know just how good that person is and how loved you are by everyone that meets you x


  1. Happy birthday Daise! I feel like I could’ve written the same post about my 13 yo floral-named child. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were despairing about how they never slept!

    You’ve done good! Xx

  2. Happy birthday Daisy.
    Happy birthing day Beth.
    I found the teen years overall to pretty easy really, we did have some serious health issues that were concerning for a few years but taking that out of the mix, they weren’t as bad as I was lead to believe. You guys will be fine, there is a solid foundation and that will get you all through.
    My advice is to try and remember how you felt when you were pushing against the boundaries, and listen more than you talk.
    Cheers Kate

    • Thanks so much Kate – I have been doing a lot of that. Remembering when I was her age (which doesn’t seem that long ago) and trying to be understanding…man is it hard!

  3. I honestly cannot believe how grown she looks! That’s the thing about reading blogs for so long, you’ve watched these people literally grow before your eyes just like your own kids. She sounds like an amazing girl Beth.
    I said to Tim the other weekend that being a mum to teens & almost adults is my favourite of all the stages. And I always knew it would be. I love teenagers. Yes they can be total dicks, break your heart & drive you mad with worry but they are also the actual best. They are funny & have shit to say that’s interesting. It sure is hard at times, just like all stages of parenting is, but honestly, the hardest part is letting them go, watching them make a life that doesn’t include you & getting used to doing things that they don’t want to be a part of (eve harder when you’ve still got really young kids because then it feels like you’re making memories with two different family structures). I miss who my boys were as babies but god I love being their mum now.

    • I hope this is the case for me too – I think it will be. Rob is amazing with Daisy and she is far more cool with him than me…she is MOROTIFIED By me and cannot believe how I don’t care about what anyone thinks or says or how I look. I’m like THAT’S THE POINT OF LIFE. Maybe its a girl thing, in which case I’m screwed.

  4. How lovely to see your birthday blog post for Daisy! The start of your motherhood & the blog! Look at you dear Beth! Congratulations & it seems I could not have chosen a better week for your Woman of Courage post on my blog tomorrow!
    You are one AMAZING woman … never forget that!
    Love to you

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