We have a seven year old daughter.

Somehow we have all managed to fumble our way through the milestones and years and now have this big kid. This girl internet, this girl. She made me a Mum. She makes my heart burst with pride. She can do ALL THESE THINGS. She is funny, and creative and smart. She’s so tall. And mature. And seems years older than just the 7 that’s she’s been here. She is a loyal person. True and kind hearted. Full to the brim with just plain good, just like her Dad and Sister. I still can’t work out how I ended up so lucky.

I know that she can turn me from regular, level headed (crazy) Beth to pulling my hair out bat shit crazy Beth all in the space of 4 seconds. We clash and fight – namely because we are so similar – and because we spend our time trying to please and impress the other and getting frustrated when we never seem to meet in the middle. I’m tough on her, I know I am, just like I’m tough on myself. I need to let her be. Just be her and how she is and be OK with that. Our children can teach us so much about ourselves can’t they?

There won’t be time today for her to sit still long enough to listen to me and all I want to tell her. Being 7 and having a birthday is quite the business you know.  Hearing her enthusiasm and gratitude for her presents this morning, hearing her talk on the phone to her doting grandparents, seeing her be kind to her sister, and seeing her sister show her own love by making  Daisy a fruit salad for breakfast all by herself, well I know that we have done pretty well with our fumbling. Between Rob and myself, we have helped raise this great, confident, mature, kind-hearted girl. If she did sit still long enough I would tell her how much I love her. How proud I am of her every single day. How I know that being 7 is going to be the best thing ever for her. I’ll tell her anyway. I’ll keep telling her every day.

Rob, we’ve done good. Thank goodness for you and your endless patience.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl. It’s no mistake you share your birthday with a day of love, you have a heart so pure and good that the whole world celebrates it x

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  1. Gail Virgona says

    Happy happy 7th birthday MOD. I know it’s a very special day for Daisy but I think it’s an even more special day for you and Rob. You HAVE done a superb job. Sure, I’ve never met you or Daisy but I can tell she is a little ripper. Seven is big. My Luca was seven last October and it felt like such a big deal. Like how did I become a mother of this grown up boy? I still feel so new to all this sometimes and like I’m fumbling around in the dark. But we must be doing something right because we both have great kids. Have a glass or 5 of prosecco for me. xx

  2. Beautiful x

  3. Happy birthday, not-so-little one!


    • Kimberley Atkinson says

      I’d quite like one too. Where is it from beth?

      • BabyMacBlogBeth says

        Ha! I grabbed it from a shop in Bowral called Skoot – they have gorgeous little satchels that have different voltage floral patterns or prints of London/Paris. I checked for a label/name but can’t find one…sorry ladies!

  4. Margaret Elvis says

    How wonderful to have a birthday on Valentine’s Day and happy, happy 7th birthday to that wonderful big girl of yours. Happy birthday Daisy. xx
    Our second great-granddaughter was 6 on Wednesday and we go tomorrow to share celebrations with her and her family.
    It is so long since my children were that young and yet I remember them both so well. The happy times, the not so good times, but one thing I know I am very, very proud of my eldest, my daughter, and always will be. She will be 60 in 2015 and believe you me, that does make me feel just a tad old.
    Another thing that also makes me realise the years are piling on….our eldest great-granddaughter has just received the papers from the Electoral Commission as she will be eligible to vote this year. Just think Beth, you have all these fantastic events ahead of you in the years to come. Just enjoy all and every one of them. xx

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I sure do have a lot ahead of us (hope so at least). Thank you Mimsie. I can’t tell you what a smile every one of your comments give me. Thank you for visiting my blog – it means the world to me. Happy Valentines Day x

  5. Marney Wilson says

    What stands out to me is “because we are so similar”. Your journey is only 7yrs old but trust me mine with my daughter has been nearly 20yrs and we are intensely close still to this day, which is for me one of my greatest achievements and one I have put a lot of time, love and energy into.
    We also fight and drive each other crazy but above all we love being together and just get each other. I feel so privileged to have the daughter I have and she has also taught me so much more than she will ever know. Her maturity and the way she deals with life is nothing short of amazing and at time I wonder how she became this way because in my teens and early 20’s I was out of control!
    Enjoy 7 and beyond….it will be a wonderful journey!

  6. Happy birthday to your sweet Daisy. x

  7. Emily Psaila says

    what a gorgeous post! I hope I can the same things about our fumbling way of raising our daughters when they turn 7

  8. High fives, McDonalds! No need to tell you to celebrate in style 😉 Beautiful words Beth.

  9. Awww….happy birthday to Daisy. She is obviously very cool because she is Aquarian (like me..) Cute bag.

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Happy Bithday gorgeous Daisy what a wonderful birthday you have the best birthday a 7 year old can have and Beth what a truly special letter for your fist born I I wish I had thought of this when my children were younger ,though I do write them letters now xx

  11. MotherDownUnder says

    Beautiful post!
    Happy birthday to Daisy!
    While I was sitting watching C swim yesterday…I am loving being able to sit, high and dry…I realised how proud of him I am…and that by proxy I am proud of myself and R for raising such a gorgeous little being.
    Being a parent can be a tough gig and it is lovely when you are able to sit back and realise that you are all doing all right!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Indeed! I wish we did it more often too – I am so hard on myself but you know what? They are alive. Fed. Watered. Entertained. We’re doing OK x

  12. VickiShoppeGirlsBlog says

    Just beautiful. Happy Birthday to your precious 7 year old Daisy. Enjoy every minute. x

  13. Seven must be the age when we parents suddenly realise our children are no longer little kids … My eldest turned 7 a few weeks ago (belated birthday gathering for her this weekend) and what you’ve expressed is exactly how I’ve been feeling since then.

  14. Sarah Derrig says

    I’m in tears, what a beautiful post. One you should print off, keep safe and give it to her to read one day x

  15. You have one very cool seven year old girl on your hands, Beth. You should be proud. And I look forward to the day when Daisy is styling me!

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