And now Daisy is 10

I had a lovely (and rare) moment this morning where I woke up before the baby told me to GED UP GED UP and I walked out to the lounge room where I got a quiet and big cuddle with my 10 year old Daisy. 10! I know it’s the start of a big decade for her. One where she goes from a girl to a teen to a young woman. Where she will grow and learn, make mistakes, travel the world, make and break with friends, discover boys…it’s a big one. But this morning, I got that little girl and I soaked in every breath of it.

We had a lovely morning just the 5 of us opening presents, going to the cafe for breakfast before School, playing with balloons (OK that was just Maggie over and over and over again).

I spent most of the day in the kitchen preparing for friends and family over for dinner. It wasn’t anything fancy, just food thrown into the middle of the table while we all stood around and nattered on an unseasonable cool evening. Daisy got to hang with her mates, take calls from friends and family.

Tonight she went to bed and told me that she feels so lucky. What a good feeling that is to have. I hope she remembers it and looks back on her turning 10 with a smile.

Happy Birthday sweet Daisy May Macdonald. 10 years old x


  1. Beautiful Beth. Double figures is exciting.

  2. Sharon Campbell says

    How great is 10!
    My daughter LJ turned 10 in November just gone, and I’ve seen such a change in her over the summer – and now even more so since beginning grade 5 this month. I remember feeling so nostalgic at the fact that I’d survived 10years of parenting (5 of them as a single mum) and how the next 10 years is going to fly by just as quickly as the first. I feel like I need to really up my game and try and become one step ahead in what comes next with all the pre teen stuff that will come her way. That’s the wonderful things about being a mum – it’s a constant learning curve but so bloody rewarding! Happy birthday to your Daisy!

  3. How beautiful! Lovely girl. My little one is only a few months away from the BIG 1-0. Any gift suggestions? What went down well with Daisy?

    • She got so many books, some clothes, she LOVED a big fluffy dressing gown she got from my brother’s family. I love the idea in these comments from Helen about a fancy proper grown up watch.

  4. Happy Birthday Daisy.

  5. Good work Mum – you did well! Get yourself in those photos though…..the girls will silently thank you one day for such precious memories and photos.

  6. Happy Birthday Daisy. You are a beautiful young lady now and with the wonderful family that surrounds you I know you are in for a great time. Loved your cake. Enjoy.

  7. 10 is such a beautiful mile stone. Our family tradition is that when you turned 10 your grandparents gave you your first ‘proper’ watch. I was the youngest of 7 children and I always dreamed about turning 10 and getting my watch! I now have two children who are 14 and 17 and both got there watches from there grandparents…. I can’t wait to buy my grandchildren there watch….

  8. What a beautiful day for a beautiful girl! You made me teary thinking about all that my 10 year old has in front of her. Scary and exhilarating all at once.

    Well done, Mama Beth for getting her here to 10! xx

  9. The next decade will fly by. My 19 year old is travelling with her boyfriend before starting 2nd year university. But the other morning as I was signing permission forms for the 17 year old I realised that these were the last permission forms I was ever going to have to sign; far too soon she will be an adult.

  10. glad daisy feels lucky and had a great birthday beth!
    that cake looks delicious too!
    and poppet with the balloons! love it!
    much love m:)X

  11. Ellen jaques says

    Happy birthday to daisy ! I’m just saw it ….well the big 10 ! My son turned 10 at 6th February it goes to fast my opinion….

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