The lost treasure

Do you remember when you got your engagement ring? Always a big occasion isn’t it? And how about the incidental use of the left hand for EVERYTHING once you’ve got it on your paw? The brushing of the hair away with your left hand. The touching of your face, the putting your hand awkwardly in a photo because you’ve got a diamond on your hand and you will stuffed if you don’t show the world!

Because I proposed to Rob, there was no ring for a few months while he got his head around the fact that he was engaged and that meant that he needed a ring for his bride. So he designed one, chose the 3 diamonds (he must have known he would have 3 real diamonds in the shape of daughters one day) and I was presented with it just before our engagement party where I actually got to meet most of his friends for the first time! Rob had a girlfriend? Huh. Got to love a whirlwind romance…

The thing I love most about my ring is its simplicity. And that’s what I love about engagement rings full stop. I love the ones that aren’t too fancy. The ones that were all you could afford at the time. The ones that have stories, antique ones picked up from wherever, a ring that will do for now. It may not be modern or stylish, but it’s a reminder of a promise, a moment in time.

I have always loved my little sister’s engagement ring SO much. Here, look! I even wrote about it over 7 years ago when she got it. It was an antique, it wasn’t a huge, expensive thing but it that sparkled so and whenever I had the chance to wear it, I did.

Look at it. Glorious.

But you guys, on the weekend she lost it.

I know. It’s too sad.

The whole top (the diamond rectangle you can see above) snapped off and was lost before she even realised when they were out and about all over the city on the weekend for a rare trip away with the family. It’s been heartbreaking for her. So many tears. I completely get it.

I know it’s just a “thing” but these “things” are so much more aren’t they?

I haven’t written this to make her cry again, although I know that she will when she reads it. Maybe I thought somehow in the universe if someone found it, it would come back to her? I know that’s not going to happen, it could be anywhere from the Highlands to the bottom of the harbour. But! I thought that this might have happened to someone else too. Someone might share their own loss, and make her feel less alone. I know she wouldn’t be the first one to have this happen.

And while it may be replaced, one day, somehow, it won’t ever be the same will it? It’s not THAT one that she looked upon and reflected in the sunshine on the bus on the way to work is it? Nope. All the prayers in the world to St Anthony won’t help, but maybe sharing a story will.

So tell us, have you ever had something REALLY precious lost to you?
A piece of jewellery or an engagement ring perhaps?
Can you make her feel less alone?


  1. Sarah McDonald says

    Lucy, I am so sorry to hear you have lost your ring, so devastating! I lost mine about this time last year..someone must have come into the house because my rings were on the kitchen bench and then they weren’t…such a mystery. It was July school hols and we were home most of the time, but had lots going on – with my kids and friends from up the road coming and going, a one year old, and I was spending lots of time tidying the garden…which is why I took my rings off. It took me months to accept they were actually gone and not just in the house somewhere. The silver lining is that the replacement rings are quite a lot more “sparkly” than the original. I also lost one that I had bought with $ from my grandmother, which although had never belonged to her it was one I thought of as hers. it still makes me feel sad that I lost them all, but it does get better. I will send out a call to the angels and maybe it will show up in your bag, a pocket or caught up in a scarf or something…Which reminds me I once lost a bracelet on the beach and I was sure it was gone, I looked for about 40 mins, combing the beach and nearby park then said a quick prayer to the angels and looked in one more place…I just walked straight ahead and then swiped my foot over the sand just inside the water line and there it was, sparkling through the water! Miracles do happen, sometimes!

  2. My husband lost his wedding ring five years ago at our local beach. We were having fish n’ chips on the beach for one last time before it was too cold. Apparently the water was too cold for his hands were blue and the ring easily fell off in the water. He looked for ages for it, we all did. We went back three more times in the following days… No ring to be found. I said I would buy him a new one and he said no I want mine back. I was a bit surprised he was so attached to it. He had a rough idea of where it slipped off in the water and after hunting yellow pages I found a diver with a metal detector. A month after the ring was lost he went to the beach with my hubby and in 15 minutes which mostly involved the time to get wet suits on he had found the ring, hubby paid the fee and was home again jubilant! So tell your sister not to give up hope, you just never know. Maybe it’s caught in her coat pocket or jumper. Stranger things have happened and months later a ring or top is discovered in the washing machine basin.

  3. I lost my wedding ring, about two months after I got married. My husband and I eloped to the Amalfi Coast so there was no engagement ring, the wedding ring was it. It was a beautiful wide rose gold band, it was double the width of a normal wedding band. And because there was no engagement ring, I felt I could go large. We were moving back to Melbourne after we got married and we stopped in Thailand on the way home. I was swimming in the sea and a big wave came and dumped me. I felt it fly off my finger. I was devastated. None of my friends or family in Australia had even seen my wedding ring. I couldn’t find a replacement that was anything like it so I ended up opting for something completely different. Enough time has passed now that I don’t think about it much – except when I hear stories like your sister’s. I feel for her. The lost engagement ring will become part of their story though, and eventually enough time will pass for her not to be too upset anymore. xx

  4. Marianne says

    That’s awful…. I hate to lose anything that is sentimental. This time last year I took my elderly Mum to visit her terminally ill brother. We live in Perth and he was on the Gold Coast. On our return my Mum realised she had lost both her engagement ring and her wedding band – 64 years and they were both gone. We shed some tears over that, let me tell you. It took Mum a very long time to stop looking for it. She say’s she is “over it” now, but we all know that she was, and is, devastated by the loss of her rings. I hope your sisters ring turns up somewhere. xxx

  5. Georgina says

    My Mum lost hers while spreading pea straw in the garden. It was just a tiny ‘chip’ of a diamond, but she loved it. A few attempts by acquaintances with metal detectors were unsuccessful… I have faith that it will turn up one day! I hope your sister’s does too.

  6. In her handbag? Putting hand in, gets snagged on way out? Falls safely into bag. Or pockets. Pocketsses precious. That’s all I’ve got. Fingers crossed.

  7. I lost mine once for months and months. No joke. I looked everywhere in my whole house – I knew I’d lost it in the house at least. I knew it hadn’t gone in the garbage by accident or anything. It was so confusing. I’d scoured the place systematically many times over. I gave up on it and just wore my gold band. Then one day, I found it. In the most obvious place where I swear I’d looked over and over and over. I couldn’t believe it. It still doesn’t make sense to me. I knew I was meant to find it again that day. I hope for your sister that it will turn up right when she is meant to find it too x

  8. Myself my Mum and Dad were travelling to Victoria to take a trip together along The Great Ocean Road. We flew into Melbourne one morning very early… toileted, collected luggage from carousel and jumped in a taxi into Melbourne where we were spending one night before collecting a hire car. As Mum and I sat in the back of the taxi chatting about where to go for a coffee in the city Mum looked down and noticed her engagement ring gone…GONE!!!! As we got out of the taxi at the hotel the feeling of loss was immense. We felt the most likely place it was lost was at the airport or on the plane. On entering our hotel room we rang every number we could think of but nothing had been handed in. After taking up walking every afternoon for some months my Mum was looking fab and she had noticed that the the ring had been a little looser than normal. We started our trip but Mum’s grief was big…as we flew home a week or so later we thought while checking in we would just stop at the information desk on the off chance. Dad went to ask by himself so there weren’t three sad, expectant faces peering at the person behind the counter. The lady says to Dad ‘no sir I’m sorry I don’t know of any ring that has been lost…but I’ll have a look at the office area behind here’… she returns and shows Dad a lump of masking tape that was taped to a computer terminal ‘is this it?’ Dad untapes it feeling 80% sure it wouldn’t be Mum’s ring but there shining back at him it was!!!! It was such an exciting moment. Thankfully there was a piece of paper with a mans details. A couple of days later Dad phoned him and he said his wife had found it under the bathroom basin. He and Mum were able to send them a thankyou and a lotto ticket and to this day we talk about karma as my Mum 20 years earlier had handed in a wallet containing 1000’s of dollars that she had found on a park bench. It was returned by police to its rightful owners who were English tourists so karma can take a while to come back around but it does.
    Oh I do so hope that your beautiful sister finds that glorious ring…the world sometimes works in mysterious ways. Fingers crossed!!!!!

  9. Oh poor Luce. Last year we were playing with a footy, swimming around at Oak Park and I felt my chain break. Down through the water went my rings – my wedding band, engagement ring, my ruby 5 year anniversary ring, my silver Russian wedding ring from forever ago, and my sapphire you-had-a-baby ring. Miraculously my husband managed to find all of them except my wedding band. My little boy said it had become a necklace for a mermaid.
    After all that, and getting a replacement wedding band, we were burgled a few weeks back. So many memories left, as the chancer took off with what I wasn’t wearing that day. I’m glad I had my wedding rings on.

  10. I feel for your sister. I have a friend who lost hers while making the bed. She found it down behind the bedhead a week later. Worth a look…

  11. Tracey B says

    In 2011 my house was robbed and along with all of the easily replaced electronics, they also emptied out and and took the whole contents of my jewellery box. Whilst I didn’t lose my engagement or wedding rings, I lost irreplaceable pieces of jewellery that belonged to people who had passed away, including my mum, great nanna, great aunt and my son’s great gran from England. I also lost my gold locket which was the last item my mum bought me before she pased away when I was a teenager. Even all the plastic jewellery my boys had made at preschool for me. Their umbilical cord clips and jewellery given to me to commemorate the birth of my boys. I am so choked up thinking about it now and I grieved for a long time. It was all insured, but money can’t replace the personal memories and sentiment attached to each of those pieces.
    They actually caught the person 6 months later thanks to DNA, but my things were long gone.
    I hope that somehow the lost part of her ring is found, but if not, please let her know that time eventually heals the loss and she will grow to cherish the replacement just as deeply, as it’s the love and meaning behind the ring that’s most important xx

    • Thanks so much for sharing Tracey. Stealing is the absolute lowest isn’t it? Means NOTHING to them!

      • Tracey B says

        I have never replaced any of the sentimental jewellery – I’d have no idea what to buy as most were antique. I trawled online sites and cash converters for about 2 years hoping they’d turn up. When the police told me they’d caught him I asked if I could have five minutes alone with him – just me and a nice big baseball bat. They didn’t know how to reply because they couldn’t tell if I was joking or serious – I’m pretty sure I was serious. If I could have caused him half the pain he caused me and my kids I’d have been happy. The irony in all of this was that I’d recently divorced and my rings were in the drawer next to the jewellery box, tied together with a red ribbon – he somehow missed the 3 items I would have preferred him to take ?

  12. St Anthony has never let me down. Keep praying Beth! x

  13. My Grandmother Dot used to tell us the story of my mother who was constantly getting into her rings/jewellery as a toddler and took her wedding band outside one day never to be found…. or so she thought… many months later she was picking up leaves in the garden and the ring found itself back on her finger!!

  14. Anne Murray says

    Look under the mattress of her bed where she tucks in sheets. My diamond was ripped off my engagement ring and that’s where I found it. Worth a look. Those bloody hospital corners!!

  15. Your poor sister!

    The only thing that I can offer as some hope is a story that my gran used to tell me about someone, a friend maybe? who lost her engagement ring on a beach. Years later she was on the same beach running her hands through the sand and suddenly unearthed her own ring!! Can you imagine?? Maybe your sister will also have a miracle like this?

    I just love your reflections on the rings that aren’t honking great diamonds, just what you could afford. A friend of mine once asked when I thought I would replace my engagement ring with something more suited to ‘your current position’ (obviously not too aware of our finances) and said that she was looking into ‘upgrading’. I was just speechless with horror. I wouldn’t upgrade my engagement ring if I won the Lotto tomorrow. My ring represents who we were when we started out, it has all our dreams and wishes and plans embedded in it. It’s still me and us, 14 years later.

  16. Sharon Hampton says

    Oh Gawd! The same thing happened to me…literally NO CLUE as to wear I lost it, the entire thing slipped off my finger – which is interesting as I have fingers like pig trotters and not much slips off them! I still expect to find it in a clean up one day. I completely feel for Luce the poor love. I lost mine about 4 years ago and I’ve waited to get it replaced until this year. We’ll be married for 25 years in September and I’m getting my replacement to mark that occasion – so the ring with come attached with its own special memories. We too are getting three stones, one for each of my gorgeous babies and emeralds for my Irish heritage. Hugs to Lucy xx

  17. I work in a Jewellers, a traditional old school jewellery makers with an actual workshop on the premises, almost unheard of nowadays in the modern age of cash and wrap jewellery retailers, I can’t stress enough the importance of maintainance of your jewellery, especially rings that are worn daily and double especially antique or pre loved pieces which have already bern worn for many years already, my heart goes out to your lil blister, so sad for her xx

    • What a huge emotional loss an engagement ring would be. Just last year I gave my engagement ring a much needed ‘service’. The stone is an emerald cut bezel set diamond (also an estate diamond). The housing for the diamond was getting worn and I couldn’t face losing it. Went back to the jeweler whom I originally bought the diamond from and who had helped design my ring. He was still there and remembered me more than 25 years later! I am so happy withe my rejuvenated ring. Thank heavens for artisans like you. Earlier last year I lost the amethyst from a ring my Mum gave me. I was devastated. When I can afford it I am going to get my jeweler to find me a similar stone and fix it.

    • Something I just never thought of and obviously either her! A valuable lesson πŸ™

  18. I know exactly how she feels. About 10 years ago while at a picnic with my family at the harbour I lost the diamond out of my engagement ring. I cried for days. The one my husband replaced it with is gorgeous, but some how it’s just not the same as the one you were proposed to with

  19. One day while on the computer, I looked down at my gorgeous, heirloom diamond engagement ring, handed down 3 generations to me, only to notice that the diamond had fallen out. The way diamonds were cut in the early 1900s is not easily replicable now, so I had to have a different, plainer diamond put in. I took my ring to the jeweller every year to have the claw tightened.

    And then I lost both my wedding band and engagement ring in March. I had broken my finger last year and could not wear them on my finger so I had been wearing them on a chain around my neck. Through skiing, swimming, everyday life they survived and then, just like your poor sister, they were gone. I searched for weeks and cried floods of tears. I decided not to replace them as they weren’t replaceable. I confessed to my husband, who isn’t the least bit sentimental, and we both agreed I needed to move on. That there were bigger problems in the world.

    Then they turned up! I found them in a kids toy basket. They must have slipped off the shelf somehow into the toy basket below. And I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world. Your sister will find it, just not now. X

  20. I lost my mother’s engagement ring when I was 8. My now divorced parents had had an argument on Christmas Eve and my mother had thrown the ring into the backyard. I scrambled after it and put it on my finger. That afternoon Dad took us to mass and when we returned home I had lost the ring. She was devestated and so was I. I just wanted to keep it safe. She got a replacement and their marriage limped along for another decade until they called it quits.
    Fingers and toes are crossed that your sister’s ring shows up.

  21. We got robbed about 3 months after moving into our home and they stole the antique necklace that my grandmother gave me on my 21st. It had been made for her mother in about 1900, was then passed to my grandmother and she passed it on to me, lovingly enclosed in the ivory cufflink box that belonged to her father, because I’m the one who is in love with all things family history and sentimental value. My grandmother passed away from cancer about 6 months after my 21st birthday and the necklace with the handwritten card and the cuff link box was all stolen. I am still heartbroken and wish the pain of a thousand fire ants on the arse of whomever robbed us, and I completely sympathise with your sister for knowing that it’s out there somewhere but you just can’t find it. Hoping St Anthony comes through for her x

  22. 3 stories. Mine lost, found by my thorough husband underneath the lip of paving on a garden bed after I had spent the day gardening. My Mums, lost never to be found again, replaced it a few years later, & then the original was found, bundled up in an old pair of black socks in her brother-in-laws sock drawer interstate. She had obviously been helping her sister with the washing when she was visiting her (hopefully your sister will have a similar story). & #3 a crazy story of a friend that was married to a VERY wealthy boy. The stone unknowingly fell out where we worked on a shiny floored terrazzo that faced onto a busy street. Such an expensive loss (I believe it was in the 100’s of 1000’s) We spent ages looking for it to no avail & she didn’t have it insured because it was so expensive & thought it so unlikely anything would happen to it. I’ve since thought if you’re going to go large maybe go for fake. In your sisters case it sounds like she still has the ring and hopefully the romance of that circling her finger for the engagement still remains. I’ll pray it turns up for her.

  23. My dad gave me my uncles fob watch before I moved overseas. It didn’t work & I was going to get it fixed for my dads’ 70th birthday as a surprise & send it to him HOWEVER some utter scumbag stole it when they burgled my flat!! I was devastated. I rang my dad in tears, I felt wretched. I still feel gutted to this day. And I hope the bastards who broke into my home back then had their dicks fall off ? Can you tell I’m still bitter ? I really hope Luces’ ring comes home. Cmon St Anthony, do your thang.

  24. Hi – my mum lost the main sapphire from her engagement ring. She realised when we got home from the shops. Mum cried all night and even prayed about it! I was only about four or five at the time. We re-traced our steps the next day by parking in the same spot at the shopping centre. When I got out of the car, I kicked the sapphire and mum happened to see it! It was like a miracle and her prayers had been answered! We still talk about it and I’m 42. Tara

  25. This happened to me two months ago, made myself sick, dug through a whole wheelie bin full of rubbish, ended up finding it in a fitted sheet I had folded, must have slipped off. I legit sat on the ground and sobbed tears of joy. I know how your sister feels and it is super dooper shitty

  26. Michelle says

    Oh my, your poor sister!
    It’s funny that you posted this today…I’ve just gotten home from searching high and low for one of my diamond earrings that I was given when our baby girl was born, only to find it hiding on the floor under the dining table. Fingers, toes, eyes etc crossed Lucy has similar luck.

  27. My mum lost her solitaire diamond one afternoon. She was devastated and we were all madly searching for it all over the house. My sister found it….in the spag bog that mum had cooked earlier! She bit down on it. Thankfully no tooth damage and mum got her diamond back!!

  28. A friend of mine lost hers, they searched high and low, hired metal detectors and everything. Eventually claimed it on house insurance and got it remade. Not a few weeks later, they found it in the pocket of a backpack that her husband uses for the gym.

    so she now has two….

    fingers crossed.

  29. I know a few people who have lost theirs – a lady who I used to work with lost the stone out of her ring, looked high & low until she gave up. Some time later her husband was walking down their driveway when something caught his eye in the gravel… Another lady I know lost her whopper, claimed it on insurance & got a replacement, then months later found it in the bottom of the pram, and lastly, a friend who had hers stolen from the windowsill above the sink by some asshat tradie who was working on their house. Fingers & toes crossed that Lucy’s beautiful setting is found & handed in by some kind soul xx

  30. I was going to suggest St Anthony too ! Mum always said he did miracles….. My husband has the terrible hobby of metal detecting and I am often not wanting to be seen to know him on the beach when he is, but I know he would be at the beck and call if he was needed to find a lost ring for someone x

  31. The diamond fell out of my ring. I have a marquis cut solitaire ring. I was so upset, almost afraid to tell S. I hoped it was in the house and so refused to vacuum for quite a while and walked around in bare feet hoping to feel it. As we had a shedding dog at the time, it eventually got to the stage where the floors really needed to be done; one last look. The sun was shining through the window and something glittered. I found it! When I excitedly rang S his response was ‘What did you find?’
    Here’s hoping one of your readers finds the ring and is able to return it. xx

  32. A friend told me of her story. Hold on it’s quite a tale… boating on the Gippsland Lakes with her family when she was a girl her mums jewellery was stolen. A thief boarded the boat when it they were on land and stole the entire jewellery box which her mum packed to ensure it was safe and well with them on holidays. They never saw the jewellery again. Many years later and now grown up my friend was walking down a street in inner Melbourne and noticed ring in a pawn shop window that took her fancy. Walking into the shop knowing it would be far more than she could afford or that it would be too small for her fingers. She left the shop after handing over $60 with a ring that fitted perfectly.
    Her mum noticed the ring when she visited next asking her where she got it and if she could please look at it. Her mum took the ring looking at the inside of the band. It was only then my friend noticed the writing… her parents initials. Oh and the ring was an absolute steal as it was the real deal

  33. For my 21st birthday my grandmother gave me a necklace that was made for her mother for her 18th birthday back in about 1900. She gave it to me on a satin pillow she made herself, sitting inside the ivory cuff link box that belonged to her father. To say it was precious is an understatement. Fast forward 5 years, we moved into our first home and not even 2 months later we were burgled, and the bastards took what little jewellery I had, including the set from my wedding day. My grandmother passed away from cancer not long after my 21st birthday and I still wish the burn of a thousand fire ants on the arse of whomever broke into our home – little bastards.I completely sympathise with the situation of knowing it’s out there and just not being able to track it down. I hope St Anthony comes through for your sister πŸ™‚

  34. Caroline says

    That’s so tragic. I hope it turns up

  35. I remember that my Mum lost the diamond from her ring when we were at the snow, she was looking around and then tipped her gloves up and it dropped down into the snow. She was able to pick it up and get it fixed,

    I imagine she has looked in pockets, checked the nappy bag, looked in the pram etc.

    I hope it pops up

  36. Are you saying the prayer right? “St Anthony St Anthony full of grace . Please let lucy find the ring’s hiding place.” Lost first e. Ring. No loss divorced. Lost a diamond from second e. Ring. Never found it just replaced it x

  37. My Mum lost her beautiful cluster of diamonds from her engagement ring. Could have been anywhere.. it turned up 3 weeks later as she was collapsing the cheap cask of wine she’d just polished off. Just fell out of the cardboard. It was a bloody miracle.

  38. Back in 1985 I was 15 my grandad did a lot of prospecting north of Perth around the Kalgoorlie region. Anyway he found a few nuggets and my sister and I were lucky enough to receive one each. When I was about 19 I had it made into a gold ring with the nugget being the star of the show. A simple little ring for my little finger.. I wore it every single day. Years later in late 1996 I was packing up boxes to store whilst my now hubby and I went to west Africa to live for 2 years. It wasn’t until after all this packing up of the boxes and home was done that I realised I had lost the ring. Tears so so many tears… off we went to Africa in jan 1997 and returned in jan 1999. We found a house to rent and was unpacking I’m usually in a hurry to do this but on this occasion i unpacked really carefully checked the boxes thoroughly. And you wouldn’t believe it there on the Bottom of the box was THE ring amongst newspaper etc. must of slipped off my finger whilst packing up. Tears yep more tears…. 2 years later. So here’s hoping some miracle happens for your dear sister, I’m so sorry to hear this has happened. Oh I should mention my granddad passed away whilst i was away loving in Africa so to find it meant the absolute world to me.. Simone.

  39. After six years and two kids my partner proposed out of the blue with a very expensive ring we couldn’t afford. The next night, showing off to my girlfriends (after a few champagnes) it flicked off into the grass, we laughingly found it after an hour of hands and knees searching. I misplaced it again a few times over the next four years until we finally got married, after ten years together, two years ago. Two months later I lost my brand new wedding ring. I haven’t worn my engagement ring since. The stress is too much.

  40. My sister in law lost a diamond out of hers, nowhere to be found. She turned off the lights, looked everywhere with a torch hoping to see a sparkle, but nothing. A couple of weeks later when driving , she picked up her handbag from the passenger seat, and there it was, just lying on the seat – after people hopping in and out for weeks. So fingers crossed for Lucy, you never know…

  41. My husband lost his wedding ring just days after we were married on Sunset Beach in Hawaii. We got married there with about 30 family and friends. He was playing football in the surf with his mates and it just flew off as he threw the ball.
    He was so upset about it and looked for it for ages along with some kind locals. Near the end of the day when all hope had gone a little local girl who had been searching for hours found it. He squished her so hard and emptied his wallet for her.
    A day we will never forget.

  42. These things can come back – I have a great friend who went scuba diving on her honeymoon (ring glistening beautifully underwater) but when approached by a giant groper (fish – not randy husband – on this occasion) she shooed said fish away and unwittingly flung precious diamond off her finger into the depths of the Pacific. As she hyperventilated, and went shooting to the surface, her husband and the rest of the dive party went into panic mode to find the treasure that cost him four months salary, more than a small car. After an hour or searching (or however long was left in their air tanks) the party returned to the resort, and no doubt got ratted alongside crying new bride, and pale sick-feeling groom. The next day the kind diver master agreed to return to the same dive site with the husband, and by some fluke they found the glittering jewel some kilometre away, where presumably the current had carried it, or it had been spat out by original giant groper. There was, it transpires a God on this occasion – so here’s hoping He/She or Whoever helps Lucy’s diamonds, somehow find their way home back to her finger. Alexx

  43. I have a friend who lost her ring (briefly). She was in a panic all day as she too had gorgeous, envy of everyone kind of rings. It was until later that evening when she went to the loo (clearly not drinking enough water!!), did she find her ring stuck to the sticky side of her panty liner. She phoned me in hysterical laughter. Still to this day, I giggle about it and if another has lost something I say “check ya undies”. I am sorry for your sister’s loss. Hope she finds a sparkle elsewhere πŸ™‚

  44. If anyone is trying to find a lost some I read the tip recently of putting a stocking over the end of the vacuum cleaner tube, held in place with a rubber band. Then you can vacuum without the stone going up the pipe.

    I can’t put my engagement ring on as I have gradually gained enough weight that it isn’t comfortable. My dilemma is do I accept the extra 5kg gained through menopause and get it resized or do I keep not wearing it hoping I will be able to lose the weight and that when I do it will fit again?

  45. I once lost my wedding band, just looked down and noticed it was missing. Did the normal retrace of my steps, searched the car, handbag even harassed the local Coles supermarket girls as I had been shopping there earlier but to no avail. Told everyone I knew in case it showed up when a friend said to me “Write down on a piece of paper ‘Where is my wedding ring?”. I thought it was quite a mad idea but alas after 4 weeks of looking I was willing to try anything. Well you wouldn’t know it but 2 weeks later, whilst the same friend was visiting, my Husband walked in, got down on one knee and held up my wedding ring! Turns out I’d lost it in his car and after a trip to the beach as he opened the door he saw it. It had become lodged in the door track. So tell Luce to write down on a piece of paper “Where is my engagement ring” and then fold the piece of paper and put it in a special place. just maybe…..

  46. Leigh Goodman says

    Oooohhhhhh mate – I am so sad for Lucy! If it helps at all Jonnie lost his wedding ring ON OUR FUCKING HONEYMOON!!!! I KNOW!!!! It was a bit big and he hired a windsurf and put sunscreen on before he headed out, when he got back it was gone – IN THE FUCKING OCEAN so absolutely no chance of getting it back. You can imagine my reaction “its a bad omen, OMFG how can you lose your fucking wedding ring less than a week after the wedding” etc etc!
    Also another sadder than sad thing to do with our wedding – my wedding dress was lost! I gave it to my mum to look after as we didn’t have proper wardrobes, moved 50 times a year etc. Anyway Mum also moved 50 times a year and somehow it was lost! That one still hurts……a LOT! BUT – we are still married (just! especially after the broken achilles from standing on a fence to prune a tree situation a couple years ago but I digress…..) 16.5 years later we are still married! Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is despite the beautiful rings and dresses, well those vows? Those promises you made to each other, those words……they can never be lost – nor can the memories of your wedding day! Lots of love to your little sis – I feel her pain xoxo

  47. When she is ready to replace it, have a look at Brilliant Earth. They have stunning reproduction vintage and antique rings and the diamonds and gold are all ethically sourced ?
    I’m looking for a wedding band after losing mine a few years ago ?

  48. I once lost my mouth plate that I wore to bed to stop me grinding my teeth. I couldn’t find it anywhere and then months and months later when we were turning the mattress (not just changing the sheets) there it was. In my sleep (I really did hate it) I had wedged it between the mattress and base.

    So you know.

    Meanwhile, on bedrest when pregnant with Oscar, my wedding bands (I had an heirloom ring I never wore because the diamond was loose, but had two bands to wear on either side of it) were wrapped in a tissue on my bedside table. One day mum and my MIL came over the help clean up and somehow they got scooped up and thrown out – down the building’s rubbish shoot into the furnace.

    So there’s that cheerful story as well…

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