Wedding Fever

Oh it was ALL about the wedding this weekend. And that was alright with me. Yesterday we headed off to the Bridal Expo at Darling Harbour. I know. Enough to make a gal feel a little woozy first thing on a Sunday morning, but we thought it might be a bit of a laugh and in any case it will show just what lengths I will go to to have a few hours away from the kids.

Firstly we headed off to Kazbah in Balmain for a fabulous breakfast. Have you ever been there? May I recommend? Sooooooooo good. Different sort of breakfast and oh so yummy. But make sure you book they are always v v busy. They also have a breakfast feast for groups over 6 for something crazy like $25 pp. Oh so good.
Anyway. Off to the expo. The dodgy photos taken below from my mobile just about summed up the quality of the expo. Dodge city.

There were fashion parades filled with blinged up gowns hosted by a lady called Pam Petherbridge (or something) who liked to whisper the name just before the parade started. So it went a little something like this “for the penultimate in bridal designs and gowns, I give you (insert whisper) Hearts of Rockdale Couture”.

Needless to say I got the giggles.
And also when I read the name of this stall.
I know. I am a judging snob. I will admit it. It was not quite my cup of tea (and probably perfect for others) and I shouldn’t judge. But…it was funny. I am sure you would have thought so to.
And ALSO. ALSO….my little sis finally got her ring. Well her proper engagement ring! She was given one as a keepsake at the proposal before they decided what they really wanted to get and this weekend she found it. And isn’t it FABULOUS?!
I am LOVING this ring. She found it in an antique store – it’s a 1930’s art deco style. So pretty, delicate, simple and shiny. What gal doesn’t like her some diamonds hmmm?
And next weekend? We have our first taste of dress shopping. This is another great excuse for me to get some time away from the kids and have the funnest of girly fun a girl can have. Yay for weddings. Honestly I am bridesmaidzilla I am enjoying this all so much. And I assure you I had not as much interest for my own. Work that out?!
Oh and I also painted a foot stool I picked up from Ikea a few weeks ago (for Daisy to use in the kitchen when she helps me cook) and we chose the most orangey orange we could find (because I LOVE some colour) and just look at all it’s orange glory!


  1. Cake. Lady. Cakes.


    I’d prefer to buy from her than Spaghetti Bolongnaise Lady Cakes…

    Am officially IN LOVE with your sister’s ring – it’s spectacularly beautiful.

  2. beautiful ring. have fun dress shopping!


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