She’s here!

YOU GUYS! Can you see her? CAN YOU? CAN YOU?!


I didn’t think that any of my tulip bulbs were going to come up. I planted them on the very last day that was possible, and it seems I have got a flower on the very last day possible (32 degrees and a hot westerly blowing today). But she is here. I am SO goddamn proud.


I know it’s just a stupid flower, but it’s MY stupid flower, and one that I have been wanting to grow since I was a young girl. Teenagers have posters of rock stars and the like on their walls but for me? I had tulips! And posters of Monet’s garden. How daggy can you get?!

T3 T4 T6

Also out this week: my Irises. A better colour combination is hard to find.


The BIG question of the day is this: To cut, or not to cut? She should be somewhere I can see her ALL the time don’t you think? Or is that wrong?


  1. Cut with 32*c and a westerly she won’t be there tomorrow!

  2. Cut.. A single stem base for you to carry to each room you inhabit over the next few days

  3. Margaret Elvis says

    That is so beautiful (and so is the iris). I’d cut ‘cos that weather won’t be kind to her. Enjoy while you can……and be proud. xx

  4. Emma Steendam says

    Lop her off – that weather will not be kind to her. Well done Bev xxx

  5. Katrina Wilkins says

    Once you’ve cut her put a tiny hole in the stem with a pin, just below the flower. It will help the stem to stay straight.

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Cut it and bring it inside for everyone to see and it is 39 where I live.Go cut it quick and enjoy it:)

  7. She is a beauty Beth! I say, bring her in!!

  8. More, more summer photos. We’re full of fall here but the nights remind us that a long winter is not far away.

  9. She is beautiful! When people have a baby you bring flowers… when you have a flower baby what do people bring you?! Bring her inside I say ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I read on a blog post recently of someone who was admiring a rose outside their window and was debating whether to put it in a vase or not…then there was a storm overnight and it got pulled apart in the wind and rain…so I would find her a vase shaped home indoors ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Well that was unanimous! Cut and vase.

  12. Alison von Bibra says

    Hi gorgeous!

  13. Louise Owens says

    Hi Beth,
    I just love reading your posts. Your honesty and outlook on life is great. Just love that tulip!
    Louise from Read Me

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