The 1st of September

I think it was on the first of September last year that I found out I was pregnant. Huh. I remember calling my friend Eden, so she wouldn’t have to remember the 1st of September as being the day of the last time she saw her brother, and now she remembers this day as the day she found out about Maggie. I called her again this morning to make sure she had some blossom in her sights and some sunshine on her back.

Last year we went out to lunch for Aunty’s Birthday when I told Mum and her the news. I remember Mum just about fell off her chair.

This morning I was also was adding to cart this morning for my friend Nikki who launched her new Spring/Summer shop today. Then I was running around prepping for lunch as I had my Mum, Aunty cousin and Great Aunt come down for lunch today. Best thing about lunch? They brought the lot with them! I had to do nothing except get some fancy bubbles for Aunty who just turned 91.

The sun was shining, spring is here and that little line on a stick sat and entertained us all.

IMG_1195 IMG_1152 IMG_1164 IMG_1182 IMG_1169 IMG_1177 IMG_1174 IMG_1173 IMG_1185 IMG_1180 IMG_1199 IMG_1189 IMG_1191 IMG_1200

Isn’t it SO good to see Spring here again?
And how good is Aunty looking at 91?
What did you get up to on the 1st September?


  1. Peri Whitehead says

    Oh my gosh , what was that dessert, yum, looks like a great day in the sun

  2. Happy birthday Aunty, your looking fabulous. Xxx

  3. Wow, Aunty is amazing for 91. Fantastic genes. Beautiful skin and hair and a wonderful smile. Reminds me of my Granny who was still going strong until she passed away at 108!

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    That’s beautiful Beth,what you did for Eden and I love your pics from today,your aunt looks great for 91 And Maggie she’s growing up!

  5. Looking fabulous Aunty, the weather, the food, the baby and the jug!! Oh Lordy The Jug!!!

  6. So lovely. We went to the Drs again today. And now I will always remember the first day of spring as the day my daughter cough-vomited on her iPad screen. Happy days.

  7. Yvonne Duke says

    On the 1st of September 1998 my twins were born 14 weeks early. Sadly my daughter Hope passed away on 14th September. My son Innes turns 17 today ❀️

  8. Oh that jug! That jug!!
    Oh Spring and flowers and Maggie and life and family and amazing women ….. Happy Birthday Aunty!
    But oh that jug!!!

  9. What a beautiful way to spend the day πŸ™‚
    I spent today getting blood tests done and I feel like a pin cushion! Still, I had to sit around alone reading a magazine I hadn’t opened in the whole month I’ve had it so can’t complain! Ha! A mama will even have needles stuck in her for a bit of me time. What is my life?!
    On this day last year, the Little Mister and I played on a see saw at a local park and I took a cute photo x

  10. My beautiful 11 year old (how on earth is she 11?!!) daughters birthday today. Such a special day for the whole family.

  11. That’s just Devine! And that yummy cake I want in my mouth.. Beautiful day with cutie Maggie..

  12. Maggie is growing more and more adorable day by day Beth! Her smile is a total killer πŸ˜€

    My 1st of September has been pretty much the routine. However, I plan to go back to doing some exercise daily, since I have been quite irregular with that in the past few weeks. Hopefully I will do that, instead of plopping into my couch watching re-runs of Grey’s anatomy πŸ˜›

  13. Beautiful. Today was magic. The change of season bought many happy shifts here. No freebie lunches but. They are the best!

  14. Today is my birthday, so I spent the morning with my good friend, her 2 year old and my 2 year old and 10 month old at the beach.
    Then we moved on to morning tea with another friend at the park.
    Then this arvo, off to my mum’s for chocolate birthday cake!!
    A lovely day πŸ™‚

  15. How gorgeous. That photo of your Aunty with Mags in the stroller made me tear up. Reminds me of an older relative of mine who got all emotional holding my sister’s newborn (the first baby in the family for a long time). She had tears in her eyes and said “thank you for letting me hold her. It’s been so long since I nursed a baby”. Made me realise that you never forget what it is to be a mum, and the instinct that makes you want to hold and protect a little one never goes away.

    I’m done – the tears are flowing!

  16. That’s what I like, start September as you mean to go on, with family, fine food, Maggie cuddles and bubbles not troubles! Bless your Auntie, I hope 91 is fun!

  17. We had a family trip to the dentist followed by picking daffodils and rosemary out of the garden.

  18. Oh happy first day of spring with fancy champers … thanks for adding to cart x

  19. I hope I look that good at 91! Just arrived home after watching Mary Chapin Carpenter live at Anita’s Theatre, Thirroul. If you haven’t heard of her Beth, google her, fabulous singer songwriter!

  20. For the past 16 years 1st of September has been cake day in our house, my eldest turned 16 and passed his learners test so he drove on the road for the first time!! It was nerve wracking for driver and passengers but here is to many years of safe travels! ❀️

  21. FABBO!

    And girl, you need to hit me up with the recipe for that dessert… cause it looks like something I might be able to eat. And OMG I NEED SOMETHING GOOD LIKE THAT IN MY LIFE!!!!

  22. Love that pic of your aunty with baby! What a beautiful day!

  23. Just reading this now. As soon as I saw your name pop up on the phone that morning I knew why you had called. Sorry I couldn’t answer. I thought about you all day. And Maggie. And Cam. Then Maggie again. I love you. xxxx

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