Keeping score

My Mum and step Dad are away at the beach for a few days and Mum sent me a photo on the weekend…her scrabble scoreboard pad that stays with their board from just before I had Harper. Pay no attention to my terrible score.


You see in our family we have a tradition of writing down where we are when we are playing a game of scrabble – either on the score sheet or on the box. Usually we only play scrabble when we are on holidays or somewhere fun, so it’s always fun to look back on where we were, what we were doing.

I do the same on our board. Because I am and always have been a recorder of events, and I do things like my Mum does.


Each snippet instantly reminds me of a holiday, or a certain time in our lives. Or even a particularly cracking score.


I love that we didn’t know that exactly when a baby was going to be born…Ava just a few days later. And Daisy? 16 months and miserable? Sounds about right.


I was wondering if we were weirdos when it comes to this kind of thing, or if this is something that anyone else does? Perhaps it’s time to start the tradition? Or does no one play board games anymore?

Are you a player on holidays?
Like to keep score of the game AND what you were doing at the time?


  1. I don’t do it but now I will as I LOVE that idea!! x

  2. you are on a roll beth! … I just commented on your last post!
    we were always board game players growing up! … my mother was such a game player and list person for everything especially who won scrabble! … her usually! she roped anyone in to play any game! … my daughter loved it and she plays online etc and loves to play any board game when she comes down to visit! … cheers for bringing back those memories! love m:)X

  3. It’s funny isn’t it, what you do on holidays. We’re obsessed with Rummykin at the moment and have returned from the weekend at the beach house where we play all the time. We bring it home with us but we never/rarely play at home. Then we take it back the next time. We don’t keep score on paper or the box though, mainly because my husband beats me constantly, and the box is tin. We used to play scrabble but now it’s rummy. Glad to see others have ‘holiday traditions’.

    • It’s so funny how you can be so obsessed with something on holidays and it just doesn’t work at home. I’m like that with reading now which is REALLY bad.

  4. Great idea. We have old game scores on our scrabble score pad but no details like you have done. Judging by the way our Monopoly game this past weekend ended up, though, I’m not sure I would want to record details. It was a good game until there had to be a winner, and more importantly, an 8 year old daughter who didn’t win. Apparently a game cannot be finalised if one participant is in the toilet. Who knew about this loophole?

  5. I absolutely adore this! How special and I would not have thought to do it. I must do this… but I also must buy board games first so I can start doing it. Can you believe there is not a single board game in this house?! Think I had better put one on the Santa list this year! Jx

  6. This is a great way preserve memories and your kids will love reading these in the decades to come!

  7. That’s a cracker of an idea Beth. Totally stealing that one!

  8. Oh I love this! We don’t do it, but I think it’s a brilliant idea. Although I’m so terrible at Scrabble (even though I love playing it) I think I usually try and forget about it!
    I love board games, although we stick to Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary.

    • As you can see, I ALWAYS lose Scrabble, I am terrible at it, but I do like the sitting around drinking wine and nattering and listening to music while I do it x

  9. My in-laws send the same Christmas cards again and again…it is great fun to open the card, read the snippets from years past as well as a little update from the current year.
    The cards probably last about five years, they get sent all over the world, and then they get retired.

    And I am the worst at Scrabble!
    I hate playing it because I am so bad at it!

  10. Love it. It’s no wonder you record your life so well in blog form 🙂

  11. We write predictions of engagements, births, gender etc on champagne corks, especially on New Years Eve.

  12. This is such a wonderfully lovely thing to do! Thanks for sharing your special family traditions.

  13. Lisa mckenzie says

    This is lovely Beth I am not s game player but I do have games in the cupboard x

  14. How gorgeous! Love the idea, but no, not something I’ve done. My game boards are a bit dusty but I am a backgammon lover. I sit with husby a bit have a cup of tea, and try and whip him in backgammon. We love pretending to be elderly.

  15. I don’t do it, but it is a wonderful idea! We are just about to crack open a new edition of Monopoly so I’m going to copy your wonderful tradition.


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