Daisy turned 9 {somehow}


According to the calendar (because honestly, how could it even be) my first born daughter turned nine yesterday. That’s 9 whole years of her being here, bringing to the world all the wonderful things that make up Daisy May.

We’ve had such a shitty time of late that we were all looking forward to the day as a chance to celebrate something good for a change. The girls were the happiest and healthiest they have been in well over a month. We hung out as a normal (happy and healthy) family out in the big, bad world. It’s funny when your world gets turned upside down for some reason all you desperately want back, is normal. Normal kids. Normal life. Even normal fighting amongst themselves. It was our most normal day in as long as I can remember and for that we were all very grateful indeed. Daisy especially.

We went out for breakfast, drove down the coast to the beach (Hyams WOW what a spot!), had a picnic lunch, some ice creams and then went out for dinner to a local Chinese restaurant (Maggie was beside herself with joy). Dead set perfect.

IMG_0088 IMG_0095 IMG_5518 IMG_0097 IMG_5517 IMG_5531 IMG_5521 IMG_5514 IMG_5544

And now we have this big kid. Who’s 9. Daisy is such a great kid. She’s funny and silly and has a great sense of humour. She’s as stubborn and fiery as her Mother and as kind as her Father. She’s stepped up in so many ways this past year – becoming a big, big sister who helps me so much with Maggie – there’s many a day when I couldn’t get through it without her help. Some of you might have been reading here for as long as she has been around, and many of you have watched her grow. She’s the kid that made me a Mum, the one who I look at now pretty much every day and marvel at. All signs of little kid gone, as we start to enter into the unknown. I’m so glad she had a good day, boy does she deserve it 1 million times over.

Happy Birthday sweet Daisy, who will always be my baby, no matter how quickly she gets taller than me x


How was your weekend?
Get up to anything normal and wonderful?


  1. So glad she had a wonderful day. At 9 they are such little ladies aren’t they.

  2. Such a sweet post! Made me teary. She sounds like a super top kid, and I hope she had a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Daisy!
    Enjoy being 9!

  3. Happy Birthday Daisy!!!

    What a great way to spend your birthday!!

  4. Happy birthday flower Valentine’s girl xx

  5. Sounds like a really lovely day & well deserved. Happy Birthday Daisy !

  6. that’s a gorgeous beach beth!
    what a lovely birthday day for daisy! and a mental break for all of you!
    mags will be thinking she lives near the beach!
    love m:)X

  7. Happy Ninth Birthday Dear One. You are such a blessing. May the day’s good health follow you into the new year.

  8. thegingerfox says

    How beautiful Beth, God I just love your blog and your writing so much!!! Reading this post made me a bit teary as I’m pregnant with our first baby (yes the tears may be happening more than usual) and can only hope to be as wonderful a mum as you are with your lovely daughters! So glad you all had a lovely day after such a difficult time of sickness. X

  9. Sharon Cecil says

    How great are 9 year old girls? We entered 9 year old territory back in November and since the start of school this month I’ve seen a huge change in confidence with my LJ. She’s trying new things, and is relishing in being in the older half of the school now (grade 4!). Only 9 years to go Beth and they are full blown adults – eek! Thanks for your lovely post too – I really love reading about your parenting adventures – especially seeing as you’re an all gel household like mine. Xx

    • Someone forwarded me an article about the fact that they are half way there – man I never even considered that!

      • I’ve read that article – I bloody cried. I really wish my parents were more in tune with me at that age and throughout my teens. My parents worked like crazy and we were grown in the blink of an eye.

  10. My girl is newly 9 too (Jan baby, whose middle name is also May!) and I’ve really noticed the crossover into big girl territory in that time. She’s much lovelier as a 9 year old so I’m stoked about that! ?

  11. I’m so glad you enjoyed the breakfast I made you yesterday!

  12. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! My big girls are five and I can tell I am going to blink and they will be nine. Glad you all had a wonderful day!

  13. I love my 9 year old. Insists she is a grown up. But just a lovely sweet kid. Glad you are all on the mend. X

  14. Happy Birthday Daisy!
    You made her Beth, isn’t that just freaking wonderful and amazing!

  15. I can relate to the getting taller- my 14 year old is now taller than me, makes telling them off a whole load of fun, try getting shitty at someone bigger than you that is trained in Martial Arts (why did I do that?) lol, luckily for me I need to tell him off less and less. I long for the innocence of 9, especially now I’m holding back the 14 year old females. They are relentless.

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