A little ray

I was going to write a post about how the fabulous stitching‘s that were created and sent to me from Rhi at Tailor Bird had been picked up from the framer this morning and whacked on the wall quicker than you could say Jack Robinson. And then my little friend Daisy, who has been at home this week because of two staff development days popped her beautiful sunshiny face into the photos. And I got a spontaneous photo shoot with my big girl.

Who really is just so big now. It makes my heart burst and crumble all at once.

P2 P4 P1
And the gorgeous, crunchy Autumn leaves outside the window that are turning all the colours of her beautiful heart and soul.

Yes, this post turned out differently indeed. I like how that happens in life.


  1. The autumn leaves are simply amazing down here at the moment, it never fails to get me each year how beautiful they are. I’m charging my camera at the moment ready for a little shoot with the kids outside this afternoon- I feel a tiny bit sad about school going back tomorrow, but back to routine will be good for us too!

  2. beautiful x

  3. So so lovely x

  4. Carmel's Closet says

    Sob. That is all. Carmel x

  5. Rhi@FlourChild says

    She’s so beautiful! And you have the best light in your house, such gorgeous photos!
    I’m so impressed you got the pictures framed so nicely – my poor kids’ drawings are sitting all crooked-like in dodgy Ikea frames and they haven’t made it to the wall…! May your lovely Accountants watch over you and bring you all many smiles. xxx

    • They got the treatment they deserved…all 4 of them including Daisy’s. I want them to have them FOREVER and getting them properly framed means they can pass them on to their own children. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart….thank you x

      And the light? Yes!

  6. Sarah - Style Unearthed says

    The pictures look fantastic! My oldest is turning five in a couple of months – where does the time go? Like you, I love watching him grow and develop, but it makes me sad all at the same time.

  7. ahoy.jenni says

    She is a good photo bomber! (that’s what you call it I think?)
    Yes my 9yo for the first time marched into school on her own, not needing me to accompany her (she has down syndrome so is a bit behind other her age) but I sneaked behind her to watch, and she marched confidently through the kids playing handball to her class, unpacked her bag and marched into class, all on her own. My heart exploded too, isn’t it wonderful.

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