Things I like {The 15th July 2015 edition}

It feels SO good to be back into some kind of routine...oh I'm nothing if predictable when it comes to my days. The girls are back at home, so Maggie and I are hanging. She's talking so much...we have these lovely little sound conversations with each other for minutes at a time cooing and gah-ing … [Read more...]

Aura Home 2015 winter collection: BabyMac exclusive

Everyone knows how bedlinen makes my heart sing. Shall we take a moment to soak up these brand spanking new images from Aura Home's new winter collection? The style is called Corner Stripe, in poppy orange or black, but hot stuff also works for me. AURA by Tracie Ellis is offering BabyMac … [Read more...]

Solving the big issues: how many cushions on a bed?

I got a text message yesterday from a friend who had just returned home from holidays (Hi Linda!) and had feared that she had gone overboard with some holiday cushioning purchasing. You see she had been in Byron, caught up in what appears to be superior homewares shopping up there and found herself … [Read more...]

Nursery tour: my sister’s grey, white & turquoise delight

I just had to share my little sister's CRISP nursery. You can tell this is her first baby...everything is picture perfect and ready to go...all we need is a baby! I'm afraid as much as I love creating beautiful spaces...both my girls missed out a bit. When we moved here Harper kind of got the … [Read more...]

Peony perfection

It's not the first time there has been a rose photoshoot on this blog, but yesterday I scoured through the quick sale bucket at the fruit market and found these pretties for a tenner! My goodness, the soft, billowy, plink petals of a peony rose truly are something beautiful aren't they? They always … [Read more...]

Into the Fold

Had a gorgeous parcel arrive in the mail Bertha. A cushion from the lovely Into the Fold a new company from East Ballina specialising in outdoor cushions. Isn't she marvellous? And I have a special discount for BabyMac readers...20%! Just enter the code BABYMAC at checkout. … [Read more...]

Dividing up a large living space

This is a post I have been wanting to write for ages about how you can divide up one large living space into smaller sections - because that's what we have! One BIG space for all of our living. Now I am NO interior designer, have no qualifications or real skills in this area - but I am passionate … [Read more...]

Hostess {gift} with the mostess

I said to everyone this morning when we were out saying farewell to our visitors "my goodness this house has seen some visitors" and it sure has. Almost 4 years of people coming and staying, creating memories, sharing time together, eating and drinking around our's very special indeed to … [Read more...]

A place of her own

Harper has been sharing a room with Daisy for the past 18 months or so. They share bunk beds and poor old Harps has just had to accept that ALL of the stuff was Daisy's and she tried to fit in her bits and pieces where she could. Most of the time anyway she is in our room at night so she has been a … [Read more...]

Set it on fire

This morning I woke up and spent the next hour chasing small people to get ready (fed and dressed) for hockey. Yes, the season was STILL going. If this wasn't enough to make me cranky I had a lost mouth guard, a kid with a sore finger who wouldn't stop complaining about it and a 4 year old who … [Read more...]

New dining chairs: Oak windsor chairs

I had been unhappy with our dining chairs for some time (here's a post from this time last year). We got them when we moved here almost 4 years ago - a replica Eames they had to be put together by us and ever since the first time anyone sat in them, they creaked and squeaked, they dropped screws, … [Read more...]

Mama’s got a brand new chair

You may recall a little while ago I was in search of the perfect oversized armchair/daybed for a corner of our lounge room. The (replica) Eames chair we had was being demolished from kids swinging on it and the other chair that I had which I thought was leather completely started to peel and get … [Read more...]

The perfect lounge chair

I'm still working on my wallpaper obsession. Looking for the perfect one and getting it sorted with the help of a clever friend who happens to be an interior designer. Realistically this isn't going to get done before we go away but it will happen. I do like to have something to think about in the … [Read more...]

Purl one

No one panic. But I have to tell you that last night I engaged in an activity that looks a lot like craft. I know, I was just as shocked as you are. The first thing I know I invite a girlfriend around for some Prosecco and a movie on a Saturday night as Rob was away for the weekend and the … [Read more...]

Wallpaper in bathrooms

I MUST be getting old, because you know what I have a sudden and quite strong hankering for? Some WALLPAPER. I know! You would think I would still be scarred from the flocked red velvet wallpaper we had in our house as a little girl (before Mum went mad and ripped the whole thing off). There's … [Read more...]

Instant interior boost: Indoor plants

I'm no interior designer but you know what works in your home for an instant boost? GREEN STUFF. Now flowers are perfect for this and can give you gorgeous pops of colour that will brighten anyones day, but unless you have a rambling English cottage garden, good flowers can be hard to come … [Read more...]

Sing a rainbow

My style might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I can't imagine not being surrounded by colour in my home. Can you sing a rainbow too at your place? … [Read more...]

BabyMac Houzz tour

I had a visit from a lovely local lady called Luci(that's a lot of L's) who came and took some snaps of our house for the website Houzz. I thought you might be keen to have a look around because really, who isn't a sticky beak. This is primarily an American website so you might notice some heavy … [Read more...]

Pretty distractions

Today I am suffering from a very serious... Happens to the best of us. I've been up early getting the house photo shoot ready for a, huh, photo shoot in the next little while. I've mopped, cleaned, polished and filled every vase I own with flowers. When all else fails, add more flowers I … [Read more...]


We've got some lovely friends, let's call them Mr & Mrs Munro as that is their names, who have gifted us with some pretty special home-made stuff over the past few weeks. On the weekend Mr M  (he also made Rob's coffee table birthday present which I ADORE) gave us a wooden vessel that he made … [Read more...]