A place of her own

Harper has been sharing a room with Daisy for the past 18 months or so. They share bunk beds and poor old Harps has just had to accept that ALL of the stuff was Daisy’s and she tried to fit in her bits and pieces where she could. Most of the time anyway she is in our room at night so she has been a bit of a nomad. Her old bedroom/nursery was where her clothes were but it just became a dumping ground for all the baby toys that we no longer need or use, 2 beds that are used for cousins and friends that visit ย and just a general mess filled with ‘stuff’ that I didn’t want to deal with.

But no more! Thanks to the super moon or whatever is going on with my spring chakras I have tackled that room, tackled that mess and ‘stuff’ and upon Harper’s request turned the room back into her own space – not a baby room, but a room that is filled with all her stuff. Her clothes and shoes, her books, her ‘precious’ keepsakes given from Grandma’s or collected from trips away. Every little piece matters and there is no room for anything that doesn’t.

She loves it. Is in there whenever she can and had relished being able to invite her sister over for a play. Everything is the same as before (just one new (second hand) book case we picked up from a vintage store on the cheap) but everything matters now. Man this culling has been SO good for the soul. Of course I was hoping this would entice her in her own bed all night long…alas this has not been the case.

IMG_2852 IMG_2873 IMG_2849 IMG_2853 IMG_2850 IMG_2857 IMG_2855 IMG_2856 IMG_2858 IMG_2864 IMG_2859 IMG_2866 IMG_2861 IMG_2865 IMG_2880 IMG_2879 IMG_2869

Has the super moon taken over your spring cleaning too?
What’s the worst thing you have found when cleaning out your kids room?


  1. I wish! I have 3 gorgeous children and a small house. We had a massive sort out about 6 months ago and I swear all the stuff has come back – don’t ask me how! However, your house looks so gorgeous – and I’m inspired to sort, sort, and sort some more!

  2. That looks so adorable…I want to move in!

  3. I adore the book To Kill A Mockingbird. How wonderful you have it in her room. Same name as the author I see. Did you know Harper Lee was only about 17 when she wrote that book? I know you’ll sleep better knowing that bit of trivia, anything to help

  4. Well…the worst thing we found was a mouldy mattress (I can’t believe I just admitted that so publicly!) It was on our teenage son’s bed and HE WAS SLEEPING ON IT!!! Apparently he had spilt his milkshake a few months earlier and didn’t want to tell us as we had said ‘no food in bedrooms’ (after LOTS of spills). So he flipped the mattress and unbeknownst to him (or us) mould was growing underneath. Needless to say he has a new bed…

  5. Looks gorgeous! Who could fail to be thrilled with a room that nice?!

    Love those floral wall cards- super cute & I’ve never seen anything like them:)

  6. Hey and no more struggling to make bunk beds!

  7. Yes, I have been struck by the supermoon or whatever you want to call it.. Spring fever cleaning madness!! We have the same situation in the baby room..no one wants to sleep in it because it has turned into the dumping ground. Baby is almost 4 and is in our room almost every night!! Will get to it eventually.Love what you have done with her room though, looks fabulous!

  8. She will be so happy. My boys share a low-rise bunk bed and it’s full of Hunter’s stuff… when they are older I’ll have to get wiser with how to give them both more space. Sadly the moon hasn’t made me super tidy, but that’s okay, I can live with that!

  9. Love the Harper Lee TKaMB book in her room. Hope she gets a lot of pleasure out of reading it one day when shes a bit bigger

  10. Oh I just LOVE that Harper has To Kill a Mockingbird in her bedroom. I hope she reads it (when she’s older) till is creased and crinkled. Beautiful room.

  11. How absolutely sweet and lovely! What a roll you’re on Beth – go you good thing.

  12. We’ve just moved the Little Mister into a new ‘big boy’ room. It’s fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ Spring cleaning fever hasn’t really hit me yet, but Mr Unprepared has been tackling the outdoor area with much enthusiasm!

  13. I need you to come and sort through this bomb site that is my house!

  14. Loving Harpers new room. It looks like such a lovely place to relax, and to play with your sister, when your invite her ‘over for a play’
    And I am NOT so secretly loving her boot collection!

    Worst thing I have found in one of my kids rooms?…after last school holidays, I picked up my sons school bag the night before school was starting back…’geez that’s a heavy bag’, I said to myself. Then opened it to find HALF A DOZEN apples!
    He obviously wasn’t keen on my choice of fruit for him, but is ‘well trained’ enough not to throw them in the school bin…well that’s what I told myself anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    xx Manda

  15. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love a good clean out .i love Harpers rooms so pretty Beth,she will sleep in her own room one day Xx

  16. Margaret Elvis says

    Super moon or whatever, you have done a wonderful job and perhaps, with a little luck and good management, Harper just may want to be in that room day and NIGHT too. Fingers crossed that it may happen.

  17. Lady if you ever get tired of this blogging caper you could become a stylist in a heartbeat. I look at your photos & I just fall in love with your style. But please for the love of god , & my sanity, tell me everything wasn’t so lovely & tidy when the girls were small? My toddler is a walking cyclone & as much as I wish my house looked like yours it just can’t with him around.

  18. A place of her own, there’s just nothing like it!

    The spring cleaning has absolutely kicked in for me, cleared the place of so much extra baggage of many kinds. Every charity bin we’ve been to is completely full and surrounded by donations so I’m guessing the bug has caught on.

    Here’s to clutter free houses and bedrooms to invite your sister over to. Gorgeous!

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