Flowers in Vases | White

There’s not much I love more than colour. I fill my house with it, cover my walls in it and our beds with it too. But sometimes all you need is the simplicity and beauty of white. Simple white blooms in a vase make my heart sing and usually smell delightful too!

Why not grab some early cheer and throw them in a coloured jug? Plenty of them around at the moment on the cheap too.


You can also grab cheap bunches of fillers (like Daisies, or baby’s breath, lisianthus or even carnations and group them all together to create a big impact).


Easter Daisies will always remind me of our wedding. Given it was on Easter Sunday we had them on the tables and in all the bouquets. They look gorgeous in a simple jug.


It’s coming up to freesia time with Spring on the way. The smell of these (especially the wild ones) are my favourite scent of all. Well, that and Daphne.


I always look out for a the humble chrysanthemum around Mother’s Day. See if you can find this variety known as Snowball. These last and last and look fabulous grouped together.


What’s your favourite white bloom in the garden or on your table?


  1. Something Gorgeous says

    I usually buy white flowers as I’m a lover of white in my home. I was also married on Easter Sunday. xT

  2. When I smell a Stargazer Lilly I am instantly transported back to the room I was in the day I gave birth to Max, so they always smell like a wild cracked open beautiful heart.

    I love #fuckendaphene like Leigh, wish I could grow it.

    I now have a fondness for Camellias. Poppies are awesome too because they remind me of heroin.


  3. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    Early Cheer are my all time faves! So cheap and they smell amazing. Wish they were around all year long. I love Daphne too. I’m big on smell. In summer I love a bit of jasmine…. Thanks for the post, it was like getting some flowers and I SO need some of that today (bad day, in fact bad week – damn that pmt) xo

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      You’re welcome. Hope that PMT eases soon – I think there is something going on at the moment, everyone seems to have it at the same time. Let’s blame the planets or something!

  4. Emma Steendam says

    Our wedding was all white flowers too, love love love me a variety of white blooms all bunched together. I’m a sucker for white hydrangeas too. At the moment my big terracotta pots on the front verandah are LADEN with white stocks, blooming their heads off they are. I was thinking of planting a daisy bush around our tanks to hide them a bit – I think you’ve confirmed it for me!

    • Emma Steendam says

      P.S. Am DYING to find a lovely wooden tall sideboard like that…am on the hunt! Shelves up top, cupboards down bottom, a lovely wood, yes yes.

      • BabyMacBlogBeth says

        I got that side board from a antique shop down here when we moved here for $100!! Can you believe it? Love it so much. The cupboard section down below has mesh on the side – like an old meat safe. Good luck with your find, I’m sure it’s out there somewhere! x

  5. Cheekiechops says

    Gorgeous post, love the pics…I have lemon scented daphne, absolutely divine, I take it to work for my patients and staff to enjoy. White camellias remind me of bringing home my new babies on a cold but sunny day. Oh the smell of freesias in early spring popping up from the earth, love love love

  6. I love hydrangeas and heaps of them! But only white, they remind me of my mothers garden. They grew about 1.5m tall and were everywhere. Classic and beautiful. 2nd would be tulips. I’ve never mastered growing either of them because it was too hot in Sydney.
    Gorgeous photos Beth x

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks Miriam! White hydrangeas are my favourite too – with the little blue centres…stunning.

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love white flowers too,Daphne is my favourite,we had a plant that my Grandad grew me but it just died one day,I love Freeisa’s,jonquils and Tulips or even some Jasmine in a vase or those lovely white orchids so beautiful,That is why I love my favourite perfume it is made out of white flowers and smells divine ,it is called Michael Kors By Micheal Kors,I dare you not to like it!

  8. ahoy.jenni says

    Really, do you have that many flowers in your home..OMG!!
    I thought that sideboard pic was from Pinterest or whatever it is called.
    Jonquils I love.
    Study, I should be studying…stop distracting me..

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Ha! Not all at once I don’t at least. The one with the sideboard was my little sister’s Hens weekend and I had them all down the centre of the table…definitely not a normal run of the mill day. Now, go study! And good luck 🙂

  9. Maryandlil says

    I love summer when my hydrangeas bloom. I have lots of white that I like to put in a vase and a few purple too!


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