Peony perfection

It’s not the first time there has been a rose photoshoot on this blog, but yesterday I scoured through the quick sale bucket at the fruit market and found these pretties for a tenner! My goodness, the soft, billowy, plink petals of a peony rose truly are something beautiful aren’t they? They always have such a short blooming time, but now it’s November, they are here.

IMG_4113 IMG_4115 IMG_4118 IMG_4120 IMG_4121 IMG_4124

I hope you all have a good Cup day (if indeed that is your thing), may your chicken sandwiches be non soggy and your champagne cold x


  1. They’re so beautiful, I wonder if they grow here…

    • Lila,
      They’ll grow if you have a cold Winter, and I mean LOTS of frosty days, free draining soil, and then lots of sun in Spring (and not too much wind – knocks them over). Good luck!

  2. They are lovely and smell gorgeous. A florist told me to extend the vase life to keep the water chilled with a few ice cubes every morning.. seemed to work 🙂

  3. those peonies are absolutely gorgeous!
    whilst holidaying in NZ I saw a huge bumble bee land on a pink peony!
    that is the stuff of fairy worlds! … have a good day beth! love m:)X

  4. A tenner, bargain! My florist is charging $12 a stem. They are one if my favorite blooms

  5. My faves. I am spending Cup Day writing away. I might… MIGHT have a neenish tart.

  6. I am so in love with peonies too Beth. I discovered my lovely neighbour has them growing in her garden here in Melbourne. I’ve been visiting everyday since to see if they’ve bloomed. Must find a spot in my garden to grow some.

  7. I was given a big beautiful bunch of peonies from my mothers garden in Wildes Meadow over the weekend. They really are so lovely at this time of year, and they age really well as flowers too. I posted a pic on Instagram @pseudo_functional if you wanted to check them out!

  8. They are magnificent.

  9. Peonies and lilacs are my favourite…our backyard growing up was filled with both.
    While I love Brisbane’s more tropical plants, I do miss these.
    So beautiful!

  10. I adore peonies. Seriously can’t get enough of them. I hate chysanthemums though. They look like tissues.

  11. They are beautiful, love me a rose. xx

  12. Gosh they’re lovely. You really do score the best bargain flowers. x

  13. I’m going to treat myself to peonies every week during the season – is so short up here!

  14. They are beautiful. They remind so much of the gardens at the college I worked at in China. Spring really was an event there, winter was so so cold.

  15. Lovely Beth. Hope you are doing well


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