Pretty distractions

Today I am suffering from a very serious…


Happens to the best of us. I’ve been up early getting the house photo shoot ready for a, huh, photo shoot in the next little while. I’ve mopped, cleaned, polished and filled every vase I own with flowers. When all else fails, add more flowers I say.

IMG_6007 IMG_6002 IMG_5991 IMG_5996 IMG_5986 IMG_5998 IMG_5987 IMG_5994 IMG_5990 IMG_6011

For all those feeling a little this way, hope the blahs pass quickly. Happy Monday friends, I hope this week is a good one for us all.

Got some dahlias growing in your garden? I don’t!


  1. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    Hate the blahs. Had them all last week. Took it out on everyone – surprised they’re still around actually. Feeling better today though. Love the flowers – beautiful xo

  2. Ella Spurling says

    At least the flowers aren’t blah. They are gorgeous! Have a fabulous week BabyMac.

  3. YAY! So excited to see the photo shoot of your house… I’ve only been waiting for this since, well forever 😉

    Where will we find it?!

  4. Jackie Clark says

    Your house always looks so beautiful and happy!

  5. I do indeed and am waiting for the precious blooms. These 40 degree days keep frying the pants of the buds…Patience….Your house looks so lovely.

  6. I have the BLAHS Big time today! Cannot shake it. Even went to Huffy Puffy and they followed me home….

  7. Amanda Garven says

    Your house is gorgeous and happy. No more blahs for me. Thanks Beth!!!!

  8. Chrisy Clay says

    Well even if you are feeling blah…the photos turned out good, and the flowers are gorgeous. Hang in there Beth. 🙂 Looking forward to having a peak inside your house.

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I have them too,must get me some flowers to help shake them off thanks for sharing your pretty flowers Beth xx

  10. Kylie Gardner says

    So many pretty flowers! Photo shoot? What, what? Can’t wait to be seeing that, your house is so lovely.

  11. Surely all those gorgeous flowers will chase the blahs away….I bought orange dahlias today, to cheer up a friend. She loved them!
    Hope your photo shoot went well!

  12. Those flowers on the wooden dresser! Byootiful. May be blahs pass quicker than a hot curry.x

  13. Emma Steendam says

    Gorgeous, gorgeous blooms, as always Mrs Beth. After being so jealous of your floral fancies, I’ve just learnt from my mum that the local town nearest to where we’re moving just acquired a new florist AND new deli/grocer who I’m hoping might stock some nice cheapo flowers. WINNNNNNIIIINNNGGGGG!!! And the house we *might* be moving into I know has some gems tucked away in the old rambling garden.

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